Bin Laden Wives

May 2, 2011 by staff 

Bin Laden Wives, As details are revealed in the death of Bin Laden, they say that it was actually one of his wives who pointed to the Special Forces. In the past, the leader of Al Qaeda was able to elude capture, using the local media that a veteran Dick Tobiasan referred to as … coward. “Look what Bin Laden did. He used a woman as a shield, there’s the attitude of women. Do not let them have rights to use them as a shield, which is a kind of … we would say that is kind of a coward is not it? “The researchers used DNA samples from relatives to confirm that the man shot and killed, in fact, Bin Laden. Then buried the body in the sea according to Islamic religious beliefs that a person must be buried within 24 hours after death.
According to public reaction, as seen at the national, regional and local levels, the nation seems to be behind the decision of the Presidents to take the number one enemy of U.S. The next question is: Will there is repercussions, or the slow roll of Al Qaeda and the desire to attack the U.S.? Tobiasan says, this is a good start toward the ultimate goal of the United States in the fight against t*rror*sm. Tobiason: “In this particular case, bin Laden was not only the leader who was also the intellect behind the campaign fundraising great that he was everything to them” There are some who can fill that emptiness Who knows, but if try, us. Is, because that is our mission. ”
Osama bin Laden had promised to drop the fight, but in his last moments alive when cornered by the elite U.S. troops master terrorist hid behind one of his wives, the White House, John Brennan, head of counter-t*rror*sm, said today.

Bin Laden the woman who tried to use as human shields was killed in U.S. attack, said Brennan. If you like armored did not know.

The force that hit the world’s most wanted terrorist has been identified as SEAL Team Six of the “Special Naval Warfare Development Group.”

Brennan, a national security adviser, called this operation a “turning point” in the war against terrorist groups that “decapitated head of the snake.”

The three or four hours Sunday night when the operation was ongoing, Brennan described as “one of the most full of anxiety” and that “the minutes passed like days.”

Upon learning of the death of Bin Laden, Brennan said that President Obama reacted by saying: “We got it.”

Brennan acknowledged that there were some who did not think the president should have pulled the trigger in the operation to hunt down bin Laden, who believed it was too risky, there is no guarantee that bin Laden was there and there was concern that the mission succeed.

Government officials are now trying to decide whether to release photos of the corpse of Bin Laden. The release of the photos that prove that the terrorist leader is dead, but some officials worry that the nature of feeling horrible images can be anti-American fanatic.

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