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May 7, 2011 by staff 

Bin Laden & Home VideosBin Laden & Home Videos, Extraordinary home video of Osama bin Laden shows the ultimate terror as a fragile figure, with an unkempt beard, rocking back and forth as he looks on television.
The remarkable images apparently recorded in his hideout in Pakistan were part of a cache of videos captured by the U.S. command that killed him in a daring night attack last week.

Stood in stark contrast to the image he tried to portray himself to his followers and foes seized other videos in which she had dyed his hair and beard of a lush black dress was spotless and for recordings of propaganda.

The five selected clips released by the Pentagon shows that even in hiding, was the intention of developing a carefully manicured image for public consumption in terrorist videos to the outside world.

A senior U.S. intelligence official said the working group specially assembled from various U.S. agencies is looking through the discovery of material recovered from the compounds in Abbottabad. Described how intelligence was the largest aircraft in the fight against t*rror*sm. It was shown that the compound was “an active command and control center,” the official said U.S. intelligence, which shows that bin Laden “was far from being a figurehead, he was an active player.”

But most surprising was the compilation of what is already being called “Osama homemade videos.”

The most eloquent one Bin Laden that was clearly not meant to be seen outside his inner circle. Looking over its 54 years, sits on the floor while using a remote control to flick between coverage by satellite video of him on a television screen.

The images begin with a closeup of a small old TV sitting on a table. It then pans to reveal first bare walls; undecorated room before the first sight of Bin Laden was a propaganda video in over a decade emerges.

Has drawn a brown blanket around her shoulders, wearing a black wool cap and most striking is his white beard and mottled gray.

Holding a remote in his right hand, films from the screen images that are familiar to the world of her younger self, in camouflage and brandishing an assault rifle.

Instead he says, the other four clips show a figure kept aware of the image ready for prime time now.

His beard is dyed a deep black, wearing a cap and a crisp white shirt and a yellow robe and reading from a script. The lighting has been carefully arranged and in the longer clips, is speaking in front of a light blue wall.

The recording, entitled “Message to the American people” was made in October or November and contains diatribes against the West family. But there was no final word from beyond Bin Laden and the U.S. did not release the audio, the intention of denying a last message.

The other three shorter clips, seemingly out of making videos as he prepared propaganda. In one, the light fades and the camera looks out after apparently ruining their lines.

Intelligenceanlysts from various U.S. agencies including the CIA and the FBI urgently sifting through computer hard drives, USB sticks, mobile phones and documents seized in raid on Monday.

The videos were released as reports surfaced that bin Laden had been hiding inside Pakistan for more than seven years, even more suspicious after last week’s raid.

Abdulfattah Amal Ahmed, one of his wives, told Pakistani investigators that the Saudi terrorist and his family first lived for two years in a quiet hillside village of Mohammad Shah Chak.

She said she moved five years ago near the garrison town of Abbottabad, where he was killed on Monday.

If confirmed, the demand for fuel U.S. anger that the terrorist mastermind seems to live under the protection of senior officials in the Pakistani army and intelligence services since about 2003.

In fact, the U.S. has issued an ultimatum of oil behind the scenes to Pakistan to hand over al-Qaeda’s number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Taliban leader Mullah Omar, or face fresh U.S. incursions into its territory to capture or kill them, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

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