Bin Laden Execution

May 11, 2011 by staff 

Bin Laden ExecutionBin Laden Execution, After the barrage of conflicting stories emanating from the White House and the Pentagon following the execution of Osama bin Laden, it seems that the only straight shooter in the whole affair was the U.S. Navy SEAL who put two bullets in the head of al Qaeda.

According to the initial version of events, Bin Laden had been shot during a firefight with U.S. Special Forces during a raid of his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Someone must have realized that this really Lionize his followers, so that the second account describes bin Laden as having hidden behind his wife.

This use of your spouse as a human shield also conveniently explained how he became collateral damage in the shooting. Regardless of your shooting position, if bin Laden, in fact died in battle, you are automatically granted the status of martyr, according to their Islamic faith, so the story changed again.

Now we’re supposed to believe he was, in fact, disarmed when confronted with the SEALs and that while bin Laden does not “fight” continued to provide unspecified “resistance.” This, of course, requires the seal to fire two bullets in the face.

Now, before the drums and trumpets patriots veer violently off course and assume I’m in no way sympathize with the terrorist mastermind or challenging the notion that he deserved to die, let me assure you that is not the case.

However, there remains the thorny issue of rule of law, by which the security forces are not authorized to use lethal force against unarmed suspects. In this particular case, a highly trained, heavily armed SEAL may have won the adoration of the American people thinking of revenge, but by blowing off the head of al Qaeda, did what it should be regarded as the biggest mistake Intelligence in American history.

If captured alive, there is no doubt that Bin Laden would have been the force required to reveal a wealth of information on its international network. U.S. sources are already saying that it was “tough interrogations” of suspected Al Qaeda that led to discover the hideout of Bin Laden in Pakistan.

If Americans have no difficulty to admit that a soldier tortured by Al Qaeda to obtain information from the feet, I doubt that would have prevented the man behind the 9.11 of the submarine.

From the intelligence perspective, the attack on Bin Laden should be seen as a colossal mistake. From the perspective of public relations, clinical data of this operation has generated a high degree of cynicism in all but the most willfully blind among us.

It takes a lot of faith to accept the fact that after 10 years of futile search for bin Laden, the U.S. military then take possession of his body and bury invisible almost immediately into the sea.

I am fully aware of the Islamic custom of burying the bodies within 24 hours of his death, but I wonder why this hated enemy of the American people is entitled to that respect to his death.

Now, following the international skepticism about the killing bin Laden, not only in the Muslim world, but also between the West and the White House has decided it will not release photos of the corpse of Bin Laden. His reasoning is that this would only inflame anti-American sentiment.

This lack of publicity has led some to wonder if the photos exist or are the real bin Laden. To counter this line of thought, my old friend Christopher Alexander, former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan and the newly elected Conservative Member of Parliament, took to the airwaves on CBC radio, which said it was “an insult to the intelligence of everyone to propagate this kind of conspiracy. ”

Alexander branded the unquestioned obedience intelligence, Canada have gone to war in Iraq alongside U.S. believe that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

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