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October 2, 2010 by staff 

Bigot Definition, We have established that the Rev. Terry Jones – you know, the pastor in Florida who told Anderson Cooper that he knew the definition of a fanatic, but not see himself as one, although it is intolerant of other religions, especially Islam – - well, not liked by a lot of people at this time.

It seems that most of the American public did not think much of their protest proposal, the burning of copies of the Koran, the 9 / 11.

So, like anyone halfway decent, said the protest was not going to happen. All seemed well and good.

Then he started smoking again the burning bush.

Immediately after announcing the cancellation of the bonfire of books, went on to say that a Florida magnet had said that the controversial Muslim “mosque” (actually more of a cultural center or community) in Manhattan and moves Jones met with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Unfortunately, Rauf knew nothing about any of these events.

Then Donald Trump got involved and the sht just too weird.

Naturally, after all these events, the hairball was thinking – maybe Rev. Jones needs a hug? Maybe it was collected in the last ball? Maybe he is the only one in your church? Maybe he just likes to burn things? Let’s go with the latter. And with that, four things that we believe Rev. Jones would be better on fire, other than the Koran, or any book, for the case:

1. His mustache. We have difficulty to watch Rev. Jones and not immediately thinking that seems to belong to the “sex offenders 10 who are very similar to sex offenders’ list.

2. Your PC Web Editor. We were all excited to go to the website and work ourselves into a frenzy for all the messages of hate that is up there, but the site was under construction. Do not know how many hits you’re missing right now?

3. Donald Trump’s hair. On the one hand, it is almost as ridiculous as the aforementioned mustache. Second, Trump is stealing their thunder – and the thunder, just say the owners. Trump comes in and says it will buy the controversial Islamic Center located near Ground Zero, not because the location is a “spectacular”, just because he wants to be a nice guy and put an end to all disputes.

4. The Braveheart poster hanging in his office. After Mel Gibson’s drunken, racist, indecent photos of young women and charges of spousal abuse, Rev. Jones did not know how their support of Gibson’s movie reflects on him? Oh, wait, our bad – Gibson is probably a personal hero.

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