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May 25, 2011 by Post Team 

Biggest Loser At Home WinnerBiggest Loser At Home Winner, The Greatest Loser 11 final season began with a bang! Ally revealed that Irene won third place for the last three for the Biggest Loser. The latter three are Hannah, Olivia, and Irene. The three young men are now eligible for a quarter of a million dollars! Jay throwing again in the group of persons eligible to win the 100,000 prizes and the people at home.

The first thing that struck me about the beginning of this episode was the woman who poured into his clothes. Some call that hot, some call it tight, I thought it was disturbing. I was scared something was going out, if you know what I mean. It started with slim, trim Allison, then there was Irene, who was dressed more modestly, to that end, but his chest seemed tightened, the poor. When coaches appeared on the stage of their songs were great more of the same with Jillian and Cara. Note to them: do not take a deep breath! It was nice, but everyone Jillian gave a standing ovation! Remember, this is his last season in the Biggest Loser!

Anna, the first to leave the program, was the first to comment on tonight’s show. She began as a couch potato who was learning to exercise. The initial weight was 255, but tonight it had dropped to 164 pounds for a total loss of 109 pounds! He did very well. Your partner is the daughter of Irene, who weighed later. Courtney, still smiling and motivate people to do it, I was off the scale. The initial weight in the biggest loser was 323 pounds. Tonight your weight was 213 pounds, for a total loss of 110 pounds. Rose to a standing ovation. It was a great achievement, but not enough of one percent to take the initiative Marci Anne, mother of Courtney (which has a Dairy Queen and a gym), weighed 238 to start, but 152 pounds tonight. She lost a total of 86 pounds. Not a big loss, but boy, that was hot! His arms were very strong finish! Ana held the lead, but there is no way she will be able to maintain it.

The following were brothers Dan and Don, who also left the program soon. Q came on stage wearing a smile and his wife, Larialmy, brought up in a red dress. In speaking with Don recalled that four came together to help heal his relationship with his son, and it worked! Dan spoke about his participation in a broad community where his hometown was on a diet. In the scale, the numbers played out this way: Dan used to weigh 287 pounds, but now with 124 pounds 163 pounds a starter set of the initiative Ana, Don came to school with a weight of 309 pounds but tonight showed that it has cut up to 179 pounds, losing 130 pounds, P. began at the ranch with a weight of 437 pounds, but tonight weighed 344 pounds and had lost 93 pounds; and his wife had weighed Larialmy 301 months ago but tonight several showed it had cut up to 217 pounds after losing 84 pounds! Dan kept his head after this set of big losers.

Moses and Kaylee appeared on stage, which sports a yellow bow tie, in a lovely green and black dress looks very beautiful. Pastor Ken and his adorable son, Austin, joined them. Austin was the best dressed of the group, but undoubtedly the safest, so it must be because he was the last to be cut from the farm. Moses was the first focus group on the scale. His starting weight was 440 pounds. Tonight weighed 287 pounds, having lost 153 pounds, but it was not enough to beat Dan. Daughter Kaylee weighed 233 in January, but tonight he weighed only 19 pounds for a total loss of 54 pounds. For larger Loser standards, which is not much, but readers, raise your hand if you’ve ever lost 54 pounds in six weeks? Ken was next to share her weight loss. Began weighing 377 pounds, but tonight-weighed 158 pounds less with a current weight of 219 pounds. Austin approached the scale with some definition in his arms and a smile on his face. Started the season weighing 396 pounds, but weighed only 222 tonight, having lost 174 pounds. With that, Austin had lost a total percentage of 43.94% and was the new leader to win the prize and 100,000.

The next group of players brought mother and daughter duo hot Deni and Sarah. Behind them was Arthur’s favorite all doing a dance that came along with his father clean shave, Jesse. Arthur spoke of home as the player most unhealthy of the grace of the greatest show on Loser and how was reborn. Jesse was on fire and proud of his son, but also proud of himself. This segment weighing began with Sarah, who started the season weighing 261 pounds. This evening the smiling blonde weighs 106 pounds less for a new weight of 155 pounds. Deni approached the scale to show weight loss. She had weighed 256 pounds but now weighs 131 pounds showing that he had lost 125 pounds. Making it the biggest loser again with a percentage loss of 48.83%. Austin said: “She looks like half the women!” Well, actually, had lost nearly half their weight! Next on the scale was Arthur who started the show weighing 507 pounds, and has been reduced to 344 pounds, dropping 163 pounds. He still has a long way to go, but what a great achievement to lose over 32% of its weight. Moses had a starting weight of 293 pounds but now weighs 210 pounds, having lost 83 pounds. Deni held the lead.

Jay led the next segment, along with his glamorous daughter, Jen, who came dressed in a bright, amid a lot of catcalls. Justin went on stage that looks like a totally new man, who was also shaved and almost unrecognizable. The weighing of starting with Justin, who started the program weighing 365 pounds. 173 pounds of weight lost 192 pounds now. Had lost 47.4%, missing only Deni kicks off the podium winner. He was definitely a big fan! Jen started the show weighing 278 pounds. Tonight showed that weighed 164 pounds and lost 114 pounds. Jay, The Comeback Kid, was the last competitor at home. He started the show weighing 400 pounds. Tonight showed it’s new weight to 219 pounds, losing 181 pounds, so the winner Deni home. Jay and his achievements were lost in the background. I was disappointed not to submit their percentage of loss, because it would be interesting to see how they have been compared to Hannah and Olivia had been selected as a finalist instead of Irene.

Congratulations to Deni, the biggest loser of the contestants at home, for season 11. She is now richer and 100,000! We are proud of you!

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