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January 18, 2012 by staff 

Biggest Loser 2012 ContestantsThe Biggest Loser tonight has a Chinese Buffet temptation and the winner will be able to control the gym face off challenge. Last week, the Red team lost their poker bet and had to give the Black Team a 5 pound advantage. They lost at the weigh in and Mike was sent home. He has had “run ins” with some to his team mates and it was obvious he would be the one voted out. This week, the winners will get to have video chats with their loved ones at home. So who will be eliminated tonight? Tune in to The Biggest Loser on NBC at 8pm eastern time to find out. If you miss the show, or you don’t have time to watch, you can keep checking back here on this page for our live recap of all the blow by blow action as it happens.

The show opens with a recap of last week. The excuse for this week is, “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” We see Joe talking about how he is really missing his family and then the contestants enter a room with a huge Chinese buffet. Alison talks of how we use the excuse mentioned above to fail at our diets and she says there are 41,000 Chinese food restaurants in the US. The challenge this week is a face off where each contestant will face off against one of the other contestants in a head to head weigh off. the winner of the temptation will pick who goes up against who. Red team goes first and they have to pick their meal from the buffet. Nobody is eating anything and the time runs out. The Black team is up now and they decide to eat a fortune cookie. Cassandra has the cookie but time is running out. She eats the cookie and now they decide she should eat two cookies. She finishes in time.

Cassandra gets to pick who goes up against who in the weigh off tonight. The Red team says they did the right thing. Cassandra has also got a 2 pound advantage that she can give them to anyone if she wants. Roy and Emily, Jeremy and Lauren, Joe and Nancy, Chism and Kim, Mark and Chris, Megan and Buddy, Gail and Kimmy, and finally, Cassandra and Conda are the face off match ups for tonight.

Joe now comes into the room with his suit case and he says he is leaving. He talks of how he needs his family and it is hard being away from them. he is all alone now since his brother is gone. The Red team is as passionate about him staying as the Black team is and everybody is sad. This could be an upset in the weigh off tonight.

The next morning, Bob finds out that Joe has left and he calls it a big excuse. He says this season is a first because nobody has ever walked off the show. He calls Joe and they talk. He tried to get Joe to realize the consequences of this decision and how his team needs him. You can tell Joe is just making excuses and Bob wishing him well.

Dolvett has the Red team in high gear and he is going full blast. He wants to beat Bob in a head to head battle. Bob gets the Black team in gear and he is ready for this battle. Bob and Dolvett are really pushing both teams and Bob is really pushing Gail. Since each member knows who they are up against in the weigh in, they are really trying to out do each other in the gym. Gail is getting one on one time with Bob and she is in tears. Bob isn’t buying it and he is pushing her hard. Gail breaks down again and Bob shifts to someone else.

Bob sets up a few mini challenges with the face off contestants. Roy and emily are on a rowing machine and Roy loses. Dolvett gets into it and makes it a lunch bet for the mini challenges. This really gets the teams going. Conda and Cassandra face off with squats and a disks. Cassandra wins and Conda accuses her of cheating. Conda seems to have a lot of excuses for everything. Cassandra gets her Subway Lunch and Conda seems OK with it now. Dolvett decides a rematch is in order and they set it up.

We get to the challenge today. The teams have to form a bucket brigade and transfer the buckets of water to a rotating bucket and then it pours out to the next contestant. The last one pours the water over a block of ice. A prize is in the Ice Block and the first one to get the prize out wins. The Red team starts out strong but the Black team catches up quickly. It is a neck and neck race. The Red team is first to get the prize out of the ice and now everybody races to the finish line. The Black team can’t get their prize out and the Red Team wins. The prize is video chat with families.

Now Mark and Roy give their prizes away to their family on the other team. A few others do also and Dolvett explores how they feel about this. Buddy makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives Mark his chat so both him and Chism can talk to their family. As always, the video chats are tear jerkers with lots of crying all around.

Bob pays a visit to Daphne and Adrian to help them meet their 50 pound goal to get back on the Ranch. He takes them on a workout and really pushes them. I like the way this team pushes each other and that will help in getting them to their goal.

Now is the rematch between Cassandra and Conda, and they have to run down a set of boxes then use their hands. Cassandra easily wins this challenge and there is no way Conda can say she cheated. Conda concedes but she still harps on her opinion that Cassandra cheated the first time. Both Bob and Dolvett are really pushing the teams in this last chance workout.

Time for the weigh in and the Red team has a 1 point advantage since Joe left. Cassandra gives one pound to Megan and one pound to Gail.

Total Points:
Black Team: 5
Red Team: 3

Megan vs Buddy: Megan wins. Black team.
Kimmy vs Gail: Gail wins. Black team.
Jeremy vs Lauren: Jeremy wins. Black team.
Roy vs Emily: Roy wins. Red Team.
Mark vs Chris: Mark wins. Red Team.
Kim vs Chism: Chism wins. Black Team.
Conda vs Cassandra: Cassandra wins. Black Team.

Dolvett tells Conda that he feels she is not doing the work she needs since she only lost 3 pounds this week. Now the Red team has to pick someone to eliminate. Roy is safe from elimination because he has lost the biggest percentage of weight this week. In a shocker, it is Lauren who is eliminated. Nancy was neck and neck with her but squeaked by. This is really weird because she is one of the strongest people on her team in competitions.

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