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January 5, 2012 by staff 

Biggest Loser 2012Biggest Loser 2012, The Biggest Loser returned this week for season 13, a season of no excuses. What better a way to start the new year with the affirmation of no excuses? As host, Alison Sweeney said, “Make excuses or make a change.”
Of the ten teams of two including brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, and so on, only nine of those teams made it past the gates of the ranch. It was a great idea to give the contestants a challenge to get in because while these individuals were chosen to be at the ranch grounds, they still had to fight to get in. They still have to show how bad they wanted a spot and earn that spot. The challenge was split into three phases, a 40 yard dash, a 40 yard dash with a puzzle, and a test of balance, endurance, and depending on your partner. Thankfully, there was only one minor injury as one contestant took a tumble in the first phase. That did not stop him from working out once inside the ranch which was reassuring.

Siblings, Daphne, 36 and Adrian, 34 were the unfortunate team to be sent home but were secretly given the opportunity to lose 50 lbs as a team in one month for a second chance at getting past the ranch gates. Let’s hope that they were given a free month at The Biggest Loser club to aid in their fight for a spot at the ranch. Otherwise, these two have been given absolutely no Biggest Loser knowledge and while that would be a great achievement, they came into this competition for guidance.

As for the contestants at the ranch, everyone had to work out with the trainers for two hours and then pick their trainer in which one contestant said of Dolvett during the work out, “I didn’t know if I wanted to hit him or say thank you.” These contestants never fail to make us laugh even in the difficult times. But of course letting the contestants choose who they wanted to train with would leave Dolvett with a smaller team. So as soon as the word, “twist” came into the picture, we all knew what was coming to give everyone a fair shake. Learning that the contestants would be competing as individuals (and choosing each other’s trainers) so soon in the competition was a shock. But as “Santa” pointed out, this was a smart move and everyone will see that come finale night.

“Find a way to make it work. That’s what it’s about.” – Dolvett

Next came the evaluation with Dr. Huizenga and a last chance workout before the first weigh-in. If anybody was expecting more Dr. Huizenga screen time in the first episode, they were sadly disappointed. As for the last chance work out, the black team (Bob Harper’s team) seemed to be smoking the red team (Dolvett’s team) and the editors did not have to do much to emphasize the point either.

Jeremy, who lost 13 lbs was disappointed that he did not pull a big number, a big percentage for the black team but his teammates, Joe and Ben pulled through, each losing 15 lbs. The black team as a whole lost 103 lbs in their first week. But it was Buddy who pulled the biggest number, losing 22 lbs for the red team… bringing the red team’s weight loss to 103 lbs but with a slightly bigger weight loss percentage. What an incredibly close week! The black team may have wiped the red team away in the gym but the red team stole the spotlight back winning the first weigh in. It was a great triumph for the read team to win the first weigh in since Bob Harper was the trainer to beat last season. There’s more inspiration with this win right off the bat, especially for the red team so it was refreshing and thrilling to see them take the win. However, this meant that one member from the black team would be leaving the competition. But instead of Megan, having the lowest percentage of weight loss being sent home, one of the contestants asked to be sent home. This is always a hard decision to make, following through with a contestants wishes to go home so early in the game because it is difficult to know for sure genuine reasonings for such requests. But since leaving the ranch, Ben has lost 50 lbs and has been persistent in his journey to good health.

It is wonderful to see contestants ranging from ages 19 – 63 years old this year including parents and children, a Grandmother and Granddaughter, siblings, and two female former professional athletes (a former Olympic weight lifter and former wrestler)… all competing against each other from week one. There may be a red team and a black team but each individual has someone rooting for them on the opposing team and that influence may help a few of them stay in the game if it comes to a tie in the elimination room, leaving the opposing team the deciding vote. It might be too early to think about game play… or it might not. What do you think?

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  1. Gwen on January 18th, 2012 10:16 am

    I feel dovet is focusing on beating bob on the show and it doesn’t feel right when iam watching it.. The main thing that this show is about is those people winning there life’s back. Iam still watching the show because I love it but I think it should be totally focus on the contestants
    Thank you