‘Big Brother’ Star Goes On Gay Rant Over ‘Harry Potter’ Film

July 14, 2011 by Post Team 

'Big Brother' Star Goes On Gay Rant Over 'Harry Potter' Film‘Big Brother’ Star Goes On Gay Rant Over ‘Harry Potter’ Film, Beyonce recently made history as the first woman to headline Glastonbury Festival in England, according to the New York Post. When told of the honor, Beyonce said: “I never, ever thought I would be able to headline Glastonbury. … I’m very honored that I am the woman to be elected and I promise you, ladies, I’m going to rock! “Among the dozens of other acts at the festival this year was Paul Simon, Sons & Mumford, Robyn, U2, BB King, Coldplay, Wu-Tang Clan, Fatboy Slim and Neneh Cherry.
In related news, Beyonce was named best performance at the festival, winning 43.6 percent of the vote on Digital Spy, with Coldplay in a distant second at 16.7 percent. By the way, Beyonce asked Annie Lennox for her, however, the “Walking on Broken Glass” singer could not due to a back injury.

True Blood’s gay secret has been exposed: Sookie’s best friend, Tara (played by Rutina Wesley) has become a cage fighter and sleeps with a sxy girlfriend named Naomi (played by Vedette Lim), according to Advocate. Com. “When I first got the script, I thought it was great,” Wesley said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve always taken things that challenged me as an actor and it was fun. I think Tara if she is going to have a love interest this season, finally ready.” However, Wesley is reluctant to label himself as bisexual or lsbn Tara: “I think it just happened.”

Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, has been named one of the biggest drops financial year, according to And cost at least 200 million to produce, Green Lantern necessary to gross 500 million worldwide, which is financially sound, however, the picture is likely to be higher than about 250 million and 260 million dollars. Other films in the top 10 include Mars Needs Moms, Jodie Foster was in charge of The Beaver, the new version of Arthur (with Russell Brand and Helen Mirren), also Hoodwinked! And Sucker Punch.

There will be a summer blockbuster sequel Thor, according to Disney has created a July 26, 2013 release date for Thor 2, starring Chris Hemsworth as Australian head superhero / god. Kenneth Branagh will not return as director, but will likely be involved as a producer.

Anna Paquin True Blood star has said that there should be a discussion about discrimination against bisexuals, Pink News reported. Paquin, 28, who is married to her co-star Stephen Moyer, bisexual came out last year. Speaking to W magazine, she said: “There is much prejudice against us, but people speak of him, under an agreement that will be. Who people choose to sleep or spend your life with does not matter, not is someone who cares about all that appeals to me. ”

Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk) has become President Obama on the issue of marriage equality, according to “I prefer Obama to the alternative. That’s true,” said Black openly gay during the Pride Festival in San Francisco. “But I can not and must not hide our disappointment with your response to our historic victory in New York. In his response, which wrongly claimed that equality in marriage should be left to the states to decide.”

Javier Colon Dia Frampton edge performer and singer Vicci Martinez lsbn and Beverly McClellan to win the first season of the NBC reality competition show’s voice, according to Radar Online. The eight top singers of the series-including the singer’s favorite gay Nakia and Frenchie Davis, will embark on a national tour that will include stops all over Los Angeles to Chicago, Illinois, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The voice appears singers Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as “coaches” for the contestants.

Tracy Morgan is in trouble again. Shortly after apologizing for an anti-gay rant he made during a comedy show in Nashville, Tennessee, the Washington Post reported that the star of 30 Rock was insulting to people with disabilities. During a routine in Manhattan, Morgan said that people should not “mess with women who have children late. They are young men with strong delay and chimpanzees are strong.” Then, talking about dating a woman he described as “a cripple.” Peter Berns, executive director of Arc-profit that serves the intellectual and developmental disabilities said E! That “[t] he budget is too offensive to be excused as comedy.”

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson have confirmed they are returning for the next season of American Idol, according to Digital Spy. However, Jennifer Lopez has not confirmed he will be back for Season 11 of the program; saying she is “on the fence,” though “love” that appear in the series.

Actress Charlize Theron is stuck by his promise not to marry until every citizen of the U.S. can marry regardless of sexual orientation, according to Theron, who won an Oscar for playing a lsbn serial murderer in Monster Piers Morgan said: “It is a divine right, and when the government starts to tell us who can love and love is, although the government or government built on a particular religion, I have a problem with that. ”

Adele Singer said he plans to record, write and produce their third album entirely by herself, according to Digital Spy. The “Chasing Pavements” said the singer has already written seven songs for the next CD. However, Adele said she did not feel pressured to deliver a best-selling album: “I really do not care about the expectations of [the other] was not enough with this record if you give the songs, I think. To get away with it. I do not mind.”

Lindsay Lohan has completed her 35 days of house arrest season, according to the Los Angeles Times. County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said that a technician went to Venice home of actress June 29 to remove the monitoring bracelet on. “She is now under the supervision of probation,” said Whitmore. Lohan was placed under house arrest after being convicted of stealing a necklace in a local jewelry store.

David “Puck” Rainey, since 1994 The Real World: San Francisco was arrested on charges of domestic violence, according to Digital Spy. Police arrested Rainey, who was in the house itself the real world that included the late HIV / AIDS activist Pedro Zamora and reserved for serious bodily injury to a spouse or partner. His bail was set at 30,000 y.

Rapper Lil B has released his CD; I’m gay, according to However, despite the title, the musician does not rap about hmosxlity and no revelations about his own sexuality, but that references everything from self-hatred of the health care reform. When Lil B revealed the title of the CD in April, received criticism from rappers, death threats from fans and the concerns of GLAAD.

The former teen singer Aaron Carter says that Michael Jackson gave him drugs when he was 15, according to gossip in Hollywood. Carter’s brother Nick of the Backstreet Boys, Carter said in an interview: “He gave me the wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15. As for drugs? He gave me cocaine. I felt strange about that and other things … We talk later, hours and hours on the phone. Admired Michael, but his behavior bothers me much. “Carter has denied the allegations of taking cocaine.

Hugh Jackman says his new movie The Wolverine will begin shooting in October, which means fox, will probably aim to have in theaters next year, according to Jackman had previously been in the movies X-Men (including a cameo in this year, X-Men: First Class) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In a very different note, Entertainment Weekly reported that Jackman is in negotiations to star in the film adaptation of Tom Hooper from the musical Les Miserables. (Hooper won a directing Oscar this year for King’s speech.)

Le****n actress / comic Judy Gold will return to the New York stage for a new program, The Judy Show: My life as a sitcom, according to The Emmy-winning show will officially open to lsbns July 6 at the DR2 Theatre. Gold was last seen on Broadway in 25 questions of a Jewish mother, who received a nod Theater 2006 Info and a GLAAD award.

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who played the lead role of Henry VIII in the television series The Tudors) was rushed to a London hospital on June 28 according to the first. TMZ initially said the actor had attempted suicide by overdosing on pills, but then backed off that claim after someone close to Rhys Meyers said, “It was a suicide attempt. He relapsed and was briefly hospitalized for that, but was released. ” Rhys Meyers, 33, has been in rehab several times.

Lady Gaga has called a lawsuit filed against “wrong” according to A law firm based in Michigan says the charity of “Judas” singer took the fans of the shipping of its Japan-drive bracelets and has benefited from the earthquake relief efforts in Japan. At the end of March (the month after the earthquake and tsunami), Gaga announced that it had donated more than 1.5 million and the sale of wristbands for the relief fund video game maker Zynga.

The band Katrina and the Waves has allowed fans know that does not endorse Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s song “Walking On Sunshine” at a campaign rally, according to In a statement, the former lead singer Katrina Leskanich said: “If I disagree with the policies, views or platforms to use, I have no choice but to try to defend the song and prevent its misuse. Music can be a both powerful and poignant, and sometimes even a little dangerous. “Earlier this year, Tom Petty’s campaign sent a cease and desist letter after Bachmann used his song” American Girl “.

Another photographer for their “S&M” video has sued Singer Rihanna, reported. In February, the renowned photographer and filmmaker David LaChappelle filed a lawsuit against the singer, Def Jam Recordings and Black Dog movie, arguing that some of the video scenes were lifted directly from his work. Now, the fashion photographer Philip Paul says that once the video is from his series of Paperworld.

Rapper Missy Elliott has revealed that she was sexually abused as a child, Digital Spy. She said when she was 8; his 16-year-old cousin began to abuse her. The “Work It”, the musician announced that it has been suffering from Graves’ disease, a disease of the thyroid, for three years.

For a long time supporter of gay rights Lil Kim BET Awards 2011, jumped in Los Angeles to attend the annual Gay Pride parade in New York, reported. Lil Kim made a big splash as the emcee of a lavish floats, floated an Asian theme wearing a black wig, short skirt and high heels black pink. The hip-hop and dance with the Stars alum has appeared in several gay pride events.

Writer, columnist and “It Gets Better” creator Dan Savage recently recalled his first visit to a gay bar in Chicago for Slate magazine, according to the Huffington Post. Savage said he was a Halsted Street bar called The Bush when he was 17, his first “real” boyfriend. Savage said the nightclub was dark and dirty, but added it was “the first place I had never been to everyone was happy, where being gay was not something that sets it apart.” Eleven writers gays, lsbns and bisexuals to talk about there first visits to gay bars as part of a series of Slate.

Those attending the Gay Pride festival in New York, according to the New York Daily News, surrounded transformers actor Shia LeBeouf. During your stay at the SoHo Grant, the hotel staff ordered the Pride Party in the courtyard, outdoor space recently opened Great. However, LaBeouf was not aware of a crowd of gay men was there when he was being swarmed, decided to take his girlfriend to deter any wizard.

Kate Moss recently married musician Jamie Hince, but it was her dress that caused quite a stir. According to, controversial fashion designer John Galliano created the dress. Galliano has been in the media for months since it was accused of making anti-Semitic comments to a couple in a bar in Paris. However, the supermodel and Galliano have been friends for quite some time, and close friends have said it is not surprising that, after selecting Galliano, Moss keep his word.

Speaking of supermodels, Linda Evangelista has filed a petition for child support from the French businessman François-Henri Pinault, who is the husband of Salma Hayek, according to According to court documents, the son of evangelist, 4-year-old Augustin James, the son of Pinault. Hayek and Pinault were married in 2009 but have been dating since 2006. Pinault empire reportedly worth at least $ 16 million and.

Referring again to John Galliano, Dior designer permanently banned, according to Bernard Arnault, chairman of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the company that manages Dior announced June 25 that Galliano would never be welcome in any of the brands of the international group, including his own John Galliano fashion house. Galliano recently appeared in a Paris court, fending off accusations of hate crimes by claiming addiction prescription alcohol and made him say his words, none of which he can remember.

Beyonce has confirmed that will star in the remake of Clint Eastwood, a star is born, according to Digital Spy. At Good Morning America, “Run the World,” the singer said, “Clint Eastwood? Can you believe that? I still believe I cannot. When I met him, I was in awe. I’m very, very honored who believes in me. And I cannot wait to make this film. ” Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand have played Vicki Lester, the character of the singer in the film.

Thomas Jane, star of HBO’s Hung and Patricia Arquette are officially divorced, according to Digital Spy. The couple married five years ago, but Arquette filed in 2009. The couple later called off the divorce, but they separated last year. Arquette starred in the NBC average.

Chord Overstreet could leave the program after the Glee Fox executives decided not to make his character, Sam Evans, a regular series, according to Digital Spy. Instead, Overstreet has reportedly been offered a role as an occasional guest on the third season of the hit series. “Overstreet, who has been a dramatic look, as he now has brown hair, Twitter,” It was a good year. It’s a shame it’s over. The time for the summer and start again. “Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) and Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang), have officially been upgraded to series regulars full time.

Kristin Chenoweth says she understands why Glee is cut guest stars next season. Ryan Murphy, creator of the series out, recently said it would focus on the main cast of the third season of the series. Chenoweth, who added that he would be disappointed if he could not resume his character, April Rhodes said: “I think he’s trying to really focus on their characters. In fact, I understand. I get it. People want to see the characters.” Chenoweth star in the midseason drama news of ABC, Good Christian Belles.

Continuing with Glee, co-stars Heather Morris (Britain) and Naya Rivera (Santana) stunned an audience in Dublin, Ireland, the Glee Live! Tour kissing onstage, according to Digital Spy. In addition, Darren Criss (Blaine) surprised on the screen love Chris Colfer (Kurt) with a kiss like that. It was the last concert of the successful tour.

In celebration of Trevor honored hero Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter actor to The Trevor Project recently honored as a vocal ally of LGBT youth-organizing Suicide Prevention has launched “Hero Trevor week” online, according a press release. From July 4, supporters of The Trevor Project are encouraged to share between two and three minutes of video stories of heroes online. Videos will be added through and shared across the organization’s social network to inspire young people in crisis.

An opera set to be made by primary school pupils has been removed due to a gay reference, according to the BBC. The opera, grounding, written by the creator of Billy Elliot Lee Hall, was opened in Yorkshire, England, however, Bay Elementary School 300 students has withdrawn the project. Mike Furbank, East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s head of improvement and learning, said, “it became clear that the writer had some elements of the school found offensive … including references to drug use, sexual behavior and use homophobic name-calling. ” One of the main scenes of the school found offensive includes the line: “Of course I’m queer / that’s why I left here / so if you infer / I prefer / A boy a girl / and I’m the working class / would have to agree. ”

A letter sent by the company world-renowned Joffrey Ballet dancers in their states that artists will be blocked and the first part of the season the company has been canceled due to his union has failed to agree on a new contract, According to the Chicago Sun-Times. The company has scheduled performances in late August at the Festival of Flowers in Cleveland and the Festival of Dance at Millennium Park in Chicago. Your subscription begins the season Oct. 12 with performances of “Don Quixote”.

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