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Big Brother LiveBig Brother Live, In “Big Brother 13″ house, it seemed that the plan was for veterans to keep Sunday and get rid of Adam. But oh, how things change at home. Fight! Fight! Fight! Brendon So after not using the POV of Adam / Sun, Daniele kind of loses her mind. Brendon is no more trust her – who played very hard to try to get Jeff back door. But Jeff blame Sunday for the backdoor plan, so Sunday is accused of plan to throw Danny and surprisingly not on the bus to Jeff. Jeff keeps saying he wants someone “tell you what you want to hear”, which is almost exactly the opposite of telling the truth. Shut up, Jeff.

Jeff is “logic” is that Dominic leaves the house now, because he knew about the plan and the rat Daniele to other veterans. Then (I swear by God) when compared with Daniele and Dominic murdered someone he knew, making it an accessory to murder. So it’s an accessory for backdooring Jeff. OH. MI. GOD.

Get a life jacket! Now we hate Rachel in “floaters” and then come to Brendon Kalia as the “float of all time.” Um, what’s your deal with floats he hates? Who cares? Everyone has to be in an alliance? But last night Rachel seemed offended by the mere thought of another alliance, as well as yours. You cannot have both, mannequins. It’s okay to want to target one-aligned persons or to target other partnerships, but we will not act, as its existence is offensive.

But now there is a meeting called at home and ALL. HELL. Breaks. LOOSE. In the name of God thinks that a meeting in the house is good for morale or strategy? WTF?

Kalia So is taking the same heat Sunday not to blame Daniel veterans. Meanwhile – remember how FREAKING Brenchel also knew of the plan? Do not forget the way that makes them a “prop for Jeff backdooring” too.

Daniele called an idiot and Brendon Rachel then goes apes *** full of it. Man, I would like Evel Dick was still at home and I cannot believe that even thinking about it.

Those of us aware of the live broadcasts have been these fireworks (more than what was broadcast) so if you’re interested, do not forget to subscribe to the live feeds so you do not miss a moment of ” Big Brother “this summer.

The vote of the middle class, Adam evaluates his speech because you know it is safe. Sunday takes his time to call the newbies “spineless jellyfish” and tells them to fight for themselves, which is 100% true, while complimenting the veterans to beat the competition so weak. Je.

By a vote of 7 to 1, Sunday is evicted. Daniele was his vote only to stay. In his interview with the eviction, Dom Daniele likes as more than game. It also says to throw the veto power that he thought he was on good terms with the veterans. His farewell messages are cute. Questions for Sunday? Leave ‘em in the comments, to interview him tomorrow.

Head of Household Competition The Golden Keys are banished and 10 have guests put on their skis, which looks much like a surfboard from any station that was. They are in two small skis and have two short poles to grab onto. Last one standing wins. There are five balls of snow during the first five houseguests eliminated. You should choose one if you’re one of the top five. Some are good, some bad – but one contains 10,000.

The competition starts and the skis begin to move back and forth while music plays leiderhosen Alpine happy. Nice.

So check back here for updates from the live broadcasts. Do not forget to sign up for the live food so you do not miss a moment of “Big Brother” this summer.

All times Eastern. 22:15 – feeds back and it seems that Adam is the only one who has fallen so far, despite some people’s skis are down, they are just on the platform that rocks back and forth.

10:17 pm – Lawon has been reduced too.

22:18 – Brendon and complain about the way it is more difficult with large feet. Wow. Hold on, friend. This is the easiest way for some compositions of resistance.

10:21 pm – No word yet on what Adam and Lawon pulled snowballs.

22:26 – Brendon falls and Rachel tells you to look and 10,000, so no one has yet been found.

22:35 – food down a bit and I guess it’s for the opening of the snowball Brendon. Nobody seems to have the 10K, though, so there’s a 50-50 chance that falls to the side.

22:42 – Jeff jumps and food disappears so he can open the snowball.

22:44 – It seems that Jeff did not win the 10 km, so the next person to fall like. Adam has to wear a leprechaun outfit; Brendon is a Ha-No. Do not knows what has Lawon.

10:46 pm – Lawon may have gotten a pass settling?

22:49 – Jordan goes down, so she gets to 10 km, we think.

22:50 – Oh my God, this also means that there are few people of power left. Innnnnteresting.

23:02 – Kalia, Shelly, Daniele and Porsches seem to hang tough.

23:07 – Porsche Drops! As Dani, Kalia and Shelly. Kalia I’m surprised he is still in those loos like I was disappearing fast. She is my prediction for next fall.

23:17 – Shelly falls. Wow, that’s amazing. She has been talking a lot about wanting a letter from her daughter Josie I realized I had put up ’til the end. Dani and Kalia only are now.

23:20 – Rachel starts to whine about how now that Brendon is right or Dani Kalia, who are totally screwed. Hahahaha.

23:22 – Seriously, Rachel is pulling the main b **** face of what has happened. It’s like she has the memory of a goldfish. If it were just a little kind to people and not a spirit of power crazy when they get HOH, may feel a little safer now.

23:24 – Dani and Kalia are whispering. If Dani were smart, he would fall and let the blood Kalia in her power to nominate veterans. Dani is in trouble, and that is enough with them.

23:28 – Kalia buyout and Dani is the new Head of Household. Man, I know if I would have another veteran. Who knows what the family can do to influence the nominations Dani?

23:36 – Rachel and Brendon are in the Fortune Teller room and is likely lost her mind and Brendon has her talk below the cornice. The bottom line is – you alienate people and now you’re in trouble! J & J are a couple solid too, but they are good with people and not in trouble this week. Rachel tries to be nice, stupid.

23:40 – Jordan is not the winning money, is a have-nots. So Jeff should have won the 10K.

23:42 – The Hall Asylum, pairs of energy are saying how next week will be physical, so Jeff or win Brendon and Daniele will be gone. If I were Danny, I would like to appoint J & J first and try to Brenchel back door.

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