Big Brother 13 Nominations

August 1, 2011 by Post Team 

Big Brother 13 NominationsBig Brother 13 Nominations, Previously on Big Brother, Dominic was sent home packing, leaving the other guests of the house to fight in the game for the first time this week as individuals. With everyone seemingly against Daniel and with this being the first competition of Daniele after receiving the golden key, Daniele was more than ready to get back in the game. Knowing that their level of resistance (and knowing that the strength of Dick runs in the blood), there is no doubt that this week would take the title Daniele Hoh. View all veterans of the fall and depend on Shelly, only to Daniele and her only current alliance, Kalia, as the last two standing, said a lot about the “strength” to Brachel and their puppies. Danielle Bravo to win this contest! Virtually no one could hear Dick encouraging your time this episode aired?

As for the contestants who were eliminated, Brendon Kalia comment on the “muffin top” to help get out of this particular contest was so incredibly rude and unnecessary, like all her comments on either side of Rachel in the game. Shelly also said two people were classless in the competition shortly after he fell and that was not necessary, especially coming from it. The loser of Shelly is definitely coming out. Brachel seems to be infecting her too much and too fast. Cassi is a shame is not in the house to keep grounded and respectable Shelly. So much for playing the two parties and Shelly. His true colors are starting to show and not good. If she thinks Brendon Rachel or care about it in this competition, outside of obtaining a vote of the jury is wrong.

Not only was this a contest HOH endurance competition, but also the first this season where money was involved! Usually, the guesthouse to get money on the challenges becomes a target, but for some reason, the snowball that Jeff was locked and 10,000 was received with applause only. This guy has been on Big Brother once before, has traveled the world in The Amazing Race, just won 10,000, and he is just a threat? This does not add one bit. Adam elf costume is so strange. Notwithstanding any guesthouse definitely wear a suit elf to become a have-nots as Lawon, Brendon and Jordan, ended up becoming, thanks to options snowball. They get the luxury of eating seaweed and sardines along with settling this week.

Oddly enough, it’s a who-could not be the most conflict in Jordan this week and was reassured by Daniele that she and Jeff were not the target this week. Seeing how badly Brachel handled things towards the end of last week, no one could see that these two were the target … no matter how hard it seemed Daniele was gunning for Jeff. And while they are in the game, Brachel is the biggest threat. What was a particularly significant moment was when Daniele said he had no fear of having blood on their hands because that’s how you win the game. While the rookies have not earned Hoh and had the opportunity to prove that Rachel would not mind putting and / or Brendon, her game has shown how much they are willing to do to stay on the good will of this duo ridiculous.

With that said, Daniele nominated Rachel and Brendon was the best moment of the season so far! Brachel Grab a lifejacket! I bet you would not mind trading shoes with a float at this point, huh? While Brendon says Rachel will take the block if he wins the POV competition, nobody wants to see a vengeful Brendon at home as we did in the season. Although quite a toss up as to which one is best kept at home, especially when considering the votes of the jury house. Although the big question before us is whether, in fact, win the contest Brendon POV; Rachel has had to block out or yourself? Already engaged, it does not matter who wins the game, but Rachel is clearly a competitor, so it would be wiser for him to keep her in the game. One thing is certain, no matter which Daniel placed next to each of them, since the point of view is in their favor, as best I can, one goes home. Knowing that makes the eviction this week seems a lifetime to come. Finally, one of the Hoh has most annoying couple in the history of Big Brother on the block and no more Brachel after this week! Sure, there will be competition for revenge later, but the dust made and worth the wait.

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