Big Brother 13 Episode 22

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Big Brother 13 Episode 22Big Brother 13 Episode 22, Big Brother 13 is sixth show in the direct elimination begins with the reaction having guests “at the top of the home of Jeff’s decision to put Daniele on the block as their replacement candidate after use of the veto power Porsche to remove.

Daniele thinks that “safe” Porsche has a casting vote, and only need to get some others to stay home. Shelly seems to offer Daniele is nominated in the future would help keep Daniele in the house, saying that while Jeff and Jordan are her greatest allies, she believes that he hit in the last three.

Shelly will express the concern that Adam, which suggests that work a deal with Daniele to ensure their own safety, from the competition. Adam thinks it’s a good idea, but admits he does not believe that he can rely on to keep her word Daniele.

Shelly then reports the conversation back to Daniele, who wonders what sense Adam go into private, Daniele admits that since this “Memo” Adam is the casting vote and often thinks with her brain instead of Jeff of yours, chances are home, much to her regret.

A new puzzle appears in the garden later that night, which requires players to navigate a ball along a winding course without crashing. Adam is suspicious of why he has come on suddenly and is committed to practice all night from being used in a future competition.
That night, Shelly decides to try to convince Rachel to vote for Daniele. Shelly reveals that Jeff threw the veto competition during the week of Daniel as head of household in order to ensure that Brendon return home. Rachel thought to try to reach an agreement with Daniele would not be best for her, but Rachel will talk to Daniel about the possibility of keeping in the game.

Rachel admits that she can not stand Daniele, can be a step to keep the competition as it will ensure that Daniele and Jeff stay in disagreement, allowing you to move forward. Rachel tells Daniel not to tell anyone about your binding agreement to Daniele, admitting that he is so desperate to stay competitive even “make a pact with the devil” and join forces with Rachel.

During the first live eviction, Julie meets have guests in the room and Daniele and Kalia given one last chance to plead their case and convince her players to stay in the game. Daniele says she has a deep love for the game and has been a fan since the first season. He adds that he feels sad that no one feels the same, and refuse to think for themselves. Finally, he insists he has no regrets and has played the game the most. Kalia maintains her brief speech, asking her fellow houseguests to vote for it.

After announcing Daniele as the next guest to leave, Julie meets have guests in the garden and shows the head of household competition, titled “Sooner or Later”, where players are asked about whether a particular event occurred before or after another. Those who answer a question wrong will be eliminated, while the last one standing will become Head of Household this week.

Players are removed in rapid succession, with Kalia be named the new head of household only moments after the competition begins. Julie tells him to nominate two houseguests for elimination in minutes and has to make its decision immediately.

Given a few minutes to think, Kalia is named Jeff and Rachel for their removal to “stand by her word.” However, Julie informs them that a power to live veto competition offer hope to either of them to safety.

After participating in a game called ‘Clowning Around’, which requires running across the yard and look for two yellow clown shoes in a ball pit at the end of their lanes. The first person to find both shoes, back to the podium, holds veto power and a symbol of fashion in wins. However, only allowed to return a shoe at a time.

Shelly, Porsche and the man are the first to find the shoes first, with Jeff around. Porsche takes the second shoe and its symbol shortly thereafter becoming the winner of this week’s power of veto competition. She then takes a few minutes to decide whether or not to use any of Jeff Rachel or to maintain or Kalia initial nominations intact.

During the meeting of veto power, Porsche decided not to use the veto as Daniele would have wanted to keep the nominations the same. Following the decision by Porsche, the houseguests out its second round of the night to decide who will be next to leave the competition.

Given a final chance to defend their cases, have asked Rachel to give guests an opportunity to continue the game and says he respects all the players. Jeff also calls on the relationships formed at home, asking everyone to respect him and the way Jordan has complied with all the others.

After the vote, Julie announced that the draw leaves the final decision as to left to Kalia. Then choose Jeff to leave the house and immediately exits.

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