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Betelgeuse, The supernova may provide the greatest light show since the Earth was formed, and will be so bright that night will become like the day for a week or two, experts said.

Betelgeuse, which is part of the constellation Orion 640 years from Earth, is a red supergiant, which means it is at the end of his life and is due to explode. When he does, it burns so strong that the earth seems to have two suns in the sky, the Daily Mail.

What is less certain is when it will explode. Brad Carter, assistant professor of physics at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, the explosion could take place before the end of the year – or even at any time during the next million years.

Astronomers worldwide are rushing to reject applications Betelguese blow soon. But no one can say for sure … Warner Bros. Source Lucasfilm /: image provided
Betelgeuse”the super-giant red star in the constellation of Orion is intended to explode, but maybe not next year as some recent news reports have suggested and will not be as bright as some predicted. said “Bételgeuse’’EST already become a red giant, which indicates that it will explode and become a supernova.

But experts say it is not likely to happen soon and it will happen far enough that it will not harm the Earth.

American astronomer Phil Plait has noted on his blog that a supernova would not further than 25 light-years of “we fry them with light or anything else and” Bételgeuse’’EST 25 times that distance. ”

Current science in the original article is pretty good and they have talked with the scientist Brad Carter discusses the scenario of “Bételgeuse’’VA supernova. All history is pretty interesting – I wrote about this in detail last time it was absurd ‘Bételgeuse”sauter – but a word “Bételgeuse”est a red supergiant star in Orion with about 20 times mass of the Sun, and it is very near the end of his life. When massive stars die now, they explode as supernovae. The distance “Betelgeuse”n’est unclear (he has an inflated outer atmosphere which makes the determination of distance a bit risky), but it’s something like just over 600 light years, many, many too far away to do us harm.

This is the question of when the two items off the rails. “Bételgeuse”peut explode tomorrow night, or he may not go kerblooie until the year 100 000 AD we do not know. But since very large extent, the chances to explode next year are very slim. And obviously, the original article was really trying to link the date of 2012 to the present, even when he has nothing to do with anything. The tie-in has been linked to stunted gossip on the web about it, but that’s all.

What is worse, the HuffPo article attributes the date Mr. Carter himself, but in the original article, he never says anything about it, the connection is made by all the authors of the article. Given the popularity HuffPo is, I imagine that many people think now a scientist says real “Bételgeuse’’VA explode in 2012.

OK then, tell you what: I am a real scientist, and I would give a chance to “go Bételgeuse”supernova in 2012 to all – let alone close to December, the alleged doomsdate – many thousands to one against. It is not impossible, just really really really really really really really unlikely.

The best thing of all to have “Bételgeuse”exploser is that it would bring billions of people outside and look up. ”’Betelgeuse is a part of the sky which makes it visible everywhere on Earth, but about the South Pole. Far from being a harbinger of the end of the world, it might actually be the greatest benefit to astronomy what happened in hundreds of years.


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