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November 3, 2011 by staff 

Ben Gibbard Zooey DeschanelBen Gibbard Zooey Deschanel, On Tuesday night, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Gibbard lead singer / actress Zooey Deschanel announced they had decided to end their marriage of two years. It is a division that was not only unexpected, but certainly sad, too. After all, the couple was basically the go-to indie couple, especially with the recent breakup of alt-rock figures Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon.

The back catalog and not expansive Gibbard and Deschanel heartthrob been written in recent years and she Death Cab &, respectively, are greeting the news with a uniquely playlist tearful saddest songs. It is a rather gloomy day, why not offer some appropriate tear?

“405″ in a blurry reflection Gibbard (somewhat) long distance relationship gone bad. The mistrust, deceit, despair … rare is the song is honest (or smart) enough to admit that most of the time, the distance does not make the heart grow fonder.

“Corps of Architects”: A song by Death Cab overwhelming love that the details of collapse through an extended metaphor from engineering (“Call in the Corps of Architects / To attach the horizon and start again”), ends with a hangover general farewell kiss (“So bring the discrepancies, I’ll pour the drink”) before disappearing with a long, extra-sad instrumental. Uplifting, is not.

“I will follow in the dark” soft acoustic number that has become a staple to sing live performances by Death Cab is, it is to love someone so much that seems beyond an afterthought only. A beautiful feeling, which more often than not, never has the opportunity to reach fruition.

“The ice is thinning” Narrow Stairs Harrowing closest documents and sad gradual deterioration of a relationship (“There was not much I could say / And even the least we can do / To stop the ice getting thinner / under me and you “) and all the desperation that accompanies it. Try not to get goose bumps in Chris Walla attractive, the sinuous guitar solo in the middle. It’s impossible.

“If you can not sleep”: Haunting melody She & brimming with the promise of true love and the struggle with the ghost of separation (“If you can not sleep / I’ll be there in your dreams”), is a song crib in more ways than one.

“Heart sentimental”: She & Him Another selection, the brilliant instrumental pairs (chains of trills, bright piano chords, soaring vocal harmonies), with lyrics that are largely the consequences of a brutal rupture, and the daunting task of trying to pick up the pieces.

“Someday you will be loved”: This song by Death Cab leaves us with a note (relatively) optimistic love in the future. But no matter how the hope of the lyrics seem to be (“You may feel alone when you are falling asleep / And every time tears roll down her cheeks / But I know that his heart belongs to someone I have yet to meet” ) is no hope of convincing the recently bereaved ever find love again.

“Stay Young, go dancing”: A song Gibbard of Death Cab apparently wrote about his relationship with Deschanel, opens with him very comfortable with her in Los Angeles (“Life Is Sweet / In the belly of the beast” ), a city that was very underrated in the old vocal track “Why do you want to live here.” From there, he goes on to discuss the joy of being with the person you love and have departed the assembly of the uncertainties of the future simply by believing. And the dance.

“Firm Pie”: a seemingly simple song about wanting to express their love, but never have the courage to rise to the occasion, it runs less than two minutes, and still packs an emotional blow, a Death Cab touch is similarly used with crushing effect on the narrow gauge ladder “that you can do better than me.”

“Transatlanticism”: It is quite possible that the long-distance relationship song to end all long-distance relationships, is open Gibbard pining for the love that is separate from, and cursing the large spaces between them. That is based on a crashing crescendo and a plea for open heart (“So let’s go!”) Only makes the inevitability that much more difficult to handle.

“Why do you let me stay here?” She definitely upbeat song & what is really about embarking on a love that may or may not be interested in returning the favor. Positivity (“I think you’re so nice / I want that for my own”) contrasts with the rather sad desperation in it.

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