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July 16, 2011 by Post Team 

Batman The Dark Knight RisesBatman The Dark Knight Rises, In fact, the first time I wondered if it would “revisit” the Dark Knight teaser trailer rises that triggered the idea. However, people are flooding into theaters to watch the final movie of Harry Potter (read our Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 for review) and, consequently, are walking away with the theme of the Knight Dark gets up in his mind, since the teaser trailer debuts with Potter 7.2 (which should make its way online either this weekend or next week).

Say whatever you want to say more than a few people have asked us to publish our impression of The Dark Knight teaser trailer is up, and therefore, the discussion covers the body of this … “Review”.

First, if you have not seen the teaser trailer TDKR or heard anything about it, you’ll want to read our Dark Knight trailer is up first description that breaks accurately all the minute details of the teaser.

Once you know which means that the trailer please read about our impression – or simply add your own thoughts in our comments section.

To be honest, I was not a big fan of The Dark Knight demand raises. Not much has to give a teaser trailer (hence the name), and indeed, this was more of a “trailer announcing” good faith of a “teaser” so less is required (or expected) that.

Moreover, at this point does not need much to get fans excited for Nolan’s Batman movies. The Dark Knight teaser trailer had little in their favor when it was released – just a couple of familiar logos (Batman and The Joker is), along with some dialogue option while setting the premise and themes of the film. The current “mock” came in the form to finally hear the voice of Heath Ledger, Joker and laugh (even if you’ve been following the viral campaign that he had heard both).

One might think, then, that The Dark Knight Nolan and company stands to feel even more comfortable to rest on their laurels. The Dark Knight exponentially increased the level of love and devotion to this franchise, and you could probably just tell people when the film opens and going to “market and promote” themselves right into the theater. And yet, despite the easy task at hand, the teaser has managed to underwhelm.

Much of this had to do (in my opinion), so it really shows. The scene of Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) in a hospital bed was too dramatic, the dialogue was a ham and had to shrug it induces line (“… and now this evil…”), increases and its language was confusing and difficult to distinguish. Vaccine panoramic landscape of the city become bat insignia was intelligent, but the program was the best and was a little too reminiscent of the final sequence of the teaser trailer for Inception of Nolan. Even the title screen blank and the source of the title it seemed a little off (although it does direct the contrast of the Dark Knight title screen, which makes some sense).

In the end, the only two things I can really say I liked this teaser of The Dark Knight arises:

The mystery of whether it is “Batman” or “Bruce Wayne” Gordon is talking to (which is interesting, anyway).
The final shot of the teaser, with an apparently scared the beast away from Batman huge Bane is Tom Hardy. This vaccine was pure gold in its implications about the kind of threat that Batman will face – it might finally give us some epic Batman / villain fight scenes, none of the Batman movies ever really go so well.
Finally, that glimpse of fatigue and horror on the faces of Batman gave new credence to some of the rumors we heard about how Batman and Bane fight it (at least initially). And I had all kinds of excited for more.

But the singing … I really hope to play a significant role in the film, otherwise I’ll have to listen to that crazy gibberish cadence over and over again for nothing.

The Dark Knight Rises be released on July 20, 2012.

The real teaser trailer will be online in the coming days, and then can check for them.

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