Basketball Wives Reunion

August 16, 2011 by Post Team 

Basketball Wives ReunionBasketball Wives Reunion, Whether you are a Real Housewives fan or even a real world, if you watch reality TV, her favorite part of the season is probably the meeting. Why? Because all the drama takes place on the table. And nobody does it better than wives Basketball VH1.

Last night was part 1 of a two-part special, and it was delicious to say the least. There were endless backstabbing, and now we see that the phrase is so little time. And if you do not catch it, this is what you missed:

John Salley is one of the girls: Though I admit, we think it’s pretty obvious that this man loves to host Basketball wives. Just look at the constant smile he has in his face.

Royce Reed makes a comeback: If you were playing our game of drinking the night before, drunk enough to be grateful to Miss Royce. Before proceeding, did anyone else notice that she said she started puberty at the university? Why not recognize that more? Jesus, maybe you should see a doctor about it. Besides, we like that she mentions that she was never the “fashionista.” Yes, we have seen for three seasons: we are very, very conscious of this fact.

Tami Roman Do you have a stylist: For the first time in two seasons, Tami was not in good condition, I was looking really good. We are happy to VH1 finally found some room in your budget for Ms. Roman to have someone of her clothing.

Ms. Romano is still a mother-F *** ING Factor: Speaking of Tami, Evelyn Lozada did not say it would stop manufacturing the famous slogan T-shirts with Tami in them once the first batch sold? Now, Eve not only continues to sell them on their site, is giving John Salley in the Natonal TV. Can anyone say Tami is getting a cut of the profits? Its plot does not pay for itself.

Eric Williams returns as Herpes: We have a new name of Eric Williams and that name is herpes. Just as I believe it will, will in some way or another. Not surprisingly, that brought up the whole “Eric throw a drink in the face of Jennifer” incident. And because many of the ladies disapprove of this action, we hope to never see again. Or if VH1 VH1, which will bring him back stronger than ever for the fourth season.

Welcome back, Meeka Claxton: So after the tour of the ladies in Rome, Itatly where Tami beat Meeka in the face, she was and was not seen in another episode. And now she is back and all I f *** makes ING factor is the fact that she claimed to Tami. And that is happening not stay silent for long. Suzie Ketchum was the first to rise and Evelyn hastened to add in that the only reason I was dragged to court and should be cited that, “Meeka, thirst.”

Tami lunges Meeka: drinking game alert: Did you catch Tami Meeka embark on? But unfortunately, she did not hit her; she just did it to mock her. Damn … perhaps during the second part? All we know is definitely love Tami Meeka and sitting opposite each other on the same stage.

The First World War Revisited Meeka vs Tami: Yes, three of our bullet points have been about Tami and Meeka, but what can we say? They were the protagonists of the series. What we like about this meeting is that as you think Meeka Tami and hate each other, is the season in the clips you think, “Damn, the fight Italy was inevitable. They fought throughout the season! ” Polo party, to have lunch across the world, these two have more hated each other for a long time.

MLC: Meeka lie Claxton, cited by Tami.

THR: Tami Roman hoodrat, as quoted my Meeka.

Next week: It looks like the second part should be good. More Meeka vs Tami, Suzie and Jennifer finally speak Ketchum Williams Royce Reed finally become the face and fist to fist as possible. Shaunie O’Neal might be talking about?

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