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Basketball WivesBasketball Wives, In all reality show, there are at least friendships that I do not think that will be tested during the program execution. Yes, these are people melodramatic thrust together through the circumstances and deal with people who cannot care, but some friendships have been formed fairly decent on TV and sometimes reality is hard to believe when one finally bites the dust.

Tonight may have seen the beginning of the end of the friendship and Jennifer Evelyn Basketball Wives, as accusations of jealousy and media freedom btch flew through the night Italian precious, with reckless abandon. It was a bit sad to see the couple before their emotions tightly that the best of them, their past problems in order to simmer after supposedly a good time. I’m not certain that the biggest fan of any woman in the program, although this season has brought a little closer to Earth through divorce and family, but here are two people who apparently liked the others may be permanently far more than stupidity. TV reality or not is hard to find a good friend these days and when you do, you have to be pretty tight to keep ‘em.

But that begs the question. The degree of tension that Jennifer and Evelyn cling to their friendship?

I do not want to completely close the door to a meeting between the two former (?) Friends, but I have a feeling it’s going to be at least a few episodes before we get a sniff of a possible reconciliation. We’ve made it through the storm, but how hard is it starting from next week, as these two have to put your pride aside, being able to sit in a room and talk about their problems two adult women. It is difficult to find the maturity to repair a friendship, no matter how good it was, when feelings are hurt, so couple that with the apparent stubbornness of Evelyn and can be a very cold between her and Jennifer, for the moment. I do not think a wall has been permanent, however. When you go through enough crap with someone who hurts sometimes makes a little easier to forgive and like it or not, the two of them look like they’ve been through enough for the time and talk a bit can help alleviate back to being friends.

However, this may be the cynic in me talking, but if you take your friends out of range, they have? The two are close to Shaunie, which is not much, and they are civil enough to Tami. Neither Royce likes, dislikes, Meeka, and despite the strange loyalty changes this season have seen, does not like Suzie, so it’s not as if they had a bunch of gal friends in this program to fall back. Like most friendships really one another more interesting and though each has pretty solid B-stories of this season, each of them loses some luster without the other.

As for my opinion about who is right, well … I have to say Jennifer, but for the most part, I stay with my pom-poms in the closet for this go-around. On the one hand, I see Evelyn side of things. She overreacted x 1000, but I have understood you want your best friend to be happy for you and when you do not support what you do or you are seeing can be a very overwhelming blow. On the other hand, Chad Ochocinco is a whore attention and not because he is simply in the media / does the interviews. (Seriously, there is no shade, but someone who does not know reality TV that is an attention whore is?) I think Jennifer’s comments comes from a good place in which he expressed her concern that her friend get your heart broken again by an incomplete athlete, but I do not think she articulates her point of view quite well. Strange as it may be, what he said came from a place of love and now, Evelyn saw only “attention whore” in neon letters, not the intent behind what he actually said Jennifer.

While I like the changing dynamics that Jennifer / Evelyn “break-up” brings to the show, a small part of me feels sorry for the situation as a whole. Whether you’re on a reality show with best score or work in the health department, it’s hard losing a friend and I’m interested to see how each woman handled her pain for the rest of the season. In every reality show there is at least a friendship that I do not think that will be tested during the program execution. It turns out that in the case of the wives of basketball, fair play anything.

Ta-ta, Jevelyn. Most know not.

Is likely to be back by the end of the season, but whatever.

Thoughts, observations, & Quotes:

Apparently have three boyfriends in a year means that you are a piece of junk. Who knew that the wives of Basketball, of all people, would be so prudish?
Tami Quality quotes: “I am your bear … because she is here.” “Stop being a fan.” And “Is that a watch, boo?”
Speaking of Italian wine expert in dark cellar impressive, he looked like Justin from The Amazing Race and was seeing things? My thread of reality TV can be crossed.
Ashley is still mentioned in the series, although the last two seasons have been very few appearances. Text tonight / tweet-door can be the first crack in Suzie “friendship” with the inner circle, but at least made it count.
Evelyn can use your hair more curly? She looks absolutely stunning in the talking head with curly hair and a dark shirt.
Say what you will about the quality of the shows and what they represent, but reality always brings VH1 music. Tonight? Jazmine Sullivan, who has two stellar disks of material that is and has been featured in the game, among other shows.
Is it the wives or I and the wives of mafia Basketball have some parallels? I noticed that Jennifer is Renee-ish (not concerned friend present your ideas correctly) and Evelyn have in your Drita (sensible, when blacks crazy).
Again, not Royce, although it was an “apparition” in the inner circle was throwing its shadow over the start of the episode. If Royce was / is so much drama, why bring it up? Why cannot completely ignore its existence and enjoy Italy, if it is a nuisance?
Do you think Evelyn and Jennifer will at some point this season? Who do you think is right? Have you ever had a similar fight with a friend?

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