Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

April 27, 2011 by USA Post 

Barack Obama's Birth CertificateBarack Obama’s Birth Certificate, Even before Obama launched his long-term birth certificate yesterday morning, it was obvious to anyone who has examined the evidence that the president was born in the United States. However, it does not matter: The “birth” move, as the “turther” movement based on U.S. complicity in the Sept. 11 attacks, it remained very much in evidence. It was distrust of the president. And no amount of evidence to make it disappear.

Already known Birther TAITZ Orly, which has had difficult birth lawsuits dismissed President, raises questions about the new document. Is suggesting that race should appear as “black” and not “African” and saying she argues that the president is not a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution, and that both parents must be citizens U.S. (That’s not true.) TAITZ also suggests that the president is using a false social security number.

Another Birther known Phil Berg, he also held after the publication that “the problem” is that Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen. “We’re going to see her back through immigration records,” he said.

The conservative news aggregator The Drudge Report is calling in its headlines “Is it real?” and “made up of layers?” At the top of the page is a picture of potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the words “NOW LET’S SEE THE SCHOOL RECORDS.” After a further impetus to the debate Birther, the host of reality show has turned recently to question whether Obama deserved to get into Ivy League. As birtherism, is a serious issue that is apparent in the finalanlysis, a veiled attack on the presidential legitimacy?

The Smoking Gun has posted a sarcastic summary of the questions waiting to be asked about the birth of long duration, such as, “What is the meaning of the mysterious numbers, seen in vertical position, on the right side of the document? ” The site also writes, sarcastically, that “David A. Sinclair, the doctor who allegedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently available to answer questions about the reported birth of Obama.” What is a joke to some, however, is all too serious to others: Drudge has a featured title on your site that points to this same question, with a link to 2003 Sinclair obituary.

Last week, Politico Ben Smith and Byron Tau birtherism followed developments that began with claims that he was secretly Muslim and mutated to the claims raised in an Indonesian “Madrassa” before settling on the idea that he was not born in the United States, despite warnings of birth and a birth certificate short form indicating otherwise. It was a good illustration of the fact that birtherism, in all its forms, is essentially an ideological movement seeking a concrete base – and where that base will not stand, women who stand on any new or simply chose to ignore the c3acks.

It is not entirely clear why the White House decided to release the birth certificate today. Traction Although the question has come: A recent CBS News / New York Times, the survey showed that one in four Americans believe that Obama was born outside the United States. But in light of two years of the administration largely ignored the skeptics, the release was a surprise. A White House official told Smith that the policy of releasing the document “probably not” good, suggesting that allowing the Republican Party primary delegate Birther hobby would probably be better, but the president was convinced that this was bad for the country. ”

That was a smart political move – which fits well with the story of the White House has been pushing that Mr. Obama is one of the few adults in Washington.

And even if Democrats legitimately see advantages Birther policies take the speech of the Republican Party – and have reason to – they lose some of the release of documents. The conspiracy theorists, driven by anger and mistrust, they have never let the facts get in his way. There is no reason to believe that will change now.

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