Bananas And Pretzels Help With Hangovers

January 4, 2012 by staff 

Bananas And Pretzels Help With HangoversBananas And Pretzels Help With Hangovers, Hangover is one of the worst headaches to deal with,especially around the Holidays. The feeling of your head throbbing, spinning, and feeling sick to your stomach is a horrible thing to have to deal with after a fun night of drinking on New Years or any night of drinking for that matter. The next day after drinking too much your body feels like a truck ran it over, worst dry mouth of all, some experience stomach cramping, and maybe a period of sweating or chills along with that nasty hangover. How can you avoid a hangover? Are there certain foods or drinks you can use to help your hangover or should I say ease your hangover? Yes, there are a few really good home remedies for hangovers, but you have to remember these remedies will work differently on everyone. Another thing to consider is do not expect your hangover to completely go away within minutes it takes time. It’s not like you can just take medicine, eat some food, snap your fingers, and bam your hangover is gone.
Some remedies I know that help cure a hangover are Coke, bananas, anchovies, warm bath, pretzels, Advil, Vitamin C, Ginseng, Cold pizza, White Castle burgers, Milk-shake, an orgasm or sex with your partner has been from many to cure a major hangover, and as crazy as this is going to sound place a lemon or lime wedge under your armpit it will help absorb the acids in your body. I am sure there is other remedies for a hangover, these are just the ones I have used when I use to drink or been told by my bartender friend.

When you first wake up with a hangover the number thing on your mind is how to make this hangover go away, but do you really feel like cooking or would you rather drink something to make your hangover ease up a little? I know when I had a hangover back in the day I did not want to smell fried food cooking it would make my stomach queasier that’s why I stuck with the remedies mentioned above. If the food was already cooked my stomach was fine no bother at all. So are you looking for a few homemade hangover recipes? Here are my recipes for curing that nasty hangover hopefully they can cure your hangover too.

Banana Honey Delight

Mix a banana with milk, honey, and crushed Almonds. You can mix this up in a blender to make it easier for you, especially after a rough night of drinking who wants difficulty first thing in the morning. The milk will help with the queasiness, the Almonds will provide you iron, and the honey will help with your sugar level.

1-2 piece of bread with a glass of Alka Seltzer

Mix 1-2 tablets in a glass of water or Vitamin water. Drink this first then eat 2 pieces of plain white bread. The bread will soak up the alcohol, while the Alka Seltzer will ease your fatigue, aches, pains, and even your dizzy feeling.

White Castle Burger with Chocolate Milk-shake

White Castle is opened late in most towns some may be open 24hrs depending where you live. Grab 1-3 burgers, and a small Chocolate Milk-shake. The milk-shake will help ease your stomach, while the burgers will give you protein, carb, and Calcium if you add cheese. After eating and drinking your hangover should feel much better by now.

Strawberry-Banana Ginger Ale float

Buy some Nestle Strawberry-Banana frozen yogurt place it into a glass with 2 ounces of Ginger Ale. Eat this very slowly allow the Ginger and Yogurt to settle on your tummy. After 20 minutes drink a glass of Ginger Ale by itself No more than 2 ounces. Your hangover should almost be gone or at least eased up.

Bonus cure for hangover

Eat some Ramen Noodles, for some strange reason this really works.

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