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Bad Teacher ReviewBad Teacher Review, The first question that must surely question is whether the premise Bad Teacher is something that can not even accept. If you are the type of person who is easily offended by the idea of ??a teacher to abuse the educational system and its students – or the type of entanglement in the question of how a person with few scruples and morality is not hired as middle school teacher in the first place, then this film will be impossible for you to enjoy.

However, if these dilemmas mentioned above do not bother you a bit, then it is likely to Bad Teacher deliver the kind of laughter that you are expecting – and even some who are not. Does that make this movie a classic comedy? I think not.

The “story” revolves around Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz), a pretty little man-eater’s claws its way out of the monotony of teaching by snagging a rich bride. As you can imagine, things do not go as planned (and I stress the word “plan”) and Elizabeth is back in hell on the teaching of John Adams Middle School (jams). Needless to say, it does not respond to having her dream of the good life dashed.

Enter Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), the heir to a fortune of a watchmaker, just so happens to have a passion for teaching substitute (figure). In Scott, Elizabeth sees her meal ticket with a life of luxury, there is only one problem: Scott seems to favor women with a bust that Liz can not match. Plastic surgery for the rescue.

Of course b**b jobs are expensive, so Elizabeth focuses its efforts on using its position as the schema master to money any way you can. But the clock is ticking: a master of her rival – the psychotic squirrel Amy happy (Lucy Punch) – Scott is approaching hook itself, and the annual bonus awarded to fat teacher whose students score higher on state tests. However, Liz is not the kind of girl to back down from a challenge. For good, a lot of bad, and maybe even a real education, she is determined to recover her money, her breasts and then her man.

This kind of “mission” Bad Teacher structure allows all that is good: to treat viewers to a collection of segments in which the cast is able to get quirky and over-the-top in its delivery of the grace . Each of the characters is very odd, and the film has much more “WTF?” Laughs the kind of “LMAO!” Type laughs. The best example of this is as a squirrel Amy Lucy Punch, Punch has an undeniable talent to play the stranger, and her character easily steals the show.

Actors cast as the Star Office Phyllis Smith and John Michael Higgins (The Break-Up) than the other managers so strangely JAMS kooky see. The exception is Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), who plays a gym teacher / love interest in his trademark sympathetic character average Joe. Segel does a particularly good job of adding some subtle wit, the leveling of all proceedings crazy about him.

As the headliners, Diaz and Timberlake to do quite well a good job in office. Diaz gets to play bad throughout the film, but manages to work a few charms to make a great Elizabeth (enough) protagonist. Although, if your brain cells happen to blink while watching her, Elizabeth can be a frustrating question mark of a character. The girl is painted to be smart, intelligent, courageous rascal, lazy, dull, sharp, immoral, unethical, tough-love, vain and insecure time. How Liz became a teacher, or why not use a profession as the best launching pad for their money systems are the questions best avoided. Making this kind of contradiction in the matter of character in a movie like this? You decide. Ironically, despite all the vulgarity and insanity, this is probably one of the papers at less annoying than Diaz has had in years.

Timberlake does a good job sending his own celebrity image, Scott Delacorte is an imitation of Justin Timberlake, made by someone who thinks Justin Timberlake is a total tool. Scenes in which the Delacorte busts a strange movement in the dance floor, or tries to serenade a girl with a terrible folk-pop ballads are especially wink and fun. A beaten-out “love scene” between Diaz and Timberlake (a couple off-screen above) is almost too meta for comfort.

Teachers evil was written by scribes and gene Stupnitsky Office Lee Eisenberg, who were also responsible for the reprehensible film a year. Like the failed experiment, Bad Teacher uses a loose premise, open (a simple mission, to search or travel) to make room for an episodic comedy. The movie plays like a series of sketches or segments rather than a single narrative relax, but not enough connective tissue to make it something consistent.

The characters (as in many static forms and a note) are arranged to pass some kind of development during the school year, Liz, in particular, to end in a very different than it was initially found. Again, if this transition is credible is something I’ll let you decide. I expected this film (by title) to be a little more hardcr with raunch and vulgarity, but the tone was more weird and awkward shocking or offensive.

The direction of Jake Kasdan (Freaks and Geeks, Orange County) is fresh and clean, and images are surprisingly rich and living a movie like this, the production values ??were much higher than I expected. The pace never dragged too much, and every time an intriguing Isabel segment was done, another segment was rapidly introduced to keep us laughing – and prevent us from thinking too much about the absurdity of what we’re seeing.

If you are a good laugh all you like, this movie will deliver what they expect, and can even pull the advantage of surprise laughter few. If you’re one of those viewers who prefer a comedy to be smart, balanced by the heart, or even simply logical, you might want to spend this time in theaters.

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