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August 2, 2011 by Post Team 

Bad Girls ClubBad Girls Club, Honestly, honestly, the truth – and I’ll be real with you, because I’m real – Bad Girls Club is back, a btch. Though the sixth season was perhaps the worst in the history of the series, from season seven, breakfast in bed made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

From the fabulous edition (New Jersey shore can really learn a thing or two about the irony cuts and the use of filters) of the ridiculous reasons for fighting, there are good reasons to believe that New Orleans can breathe life back into this show. In order to advance my case, let’s take a look at the most memorable lines showed, yelled and screamed at this premiere.

“B***h*s, I’ll shave your face off and wear Mardis Gras 2012.”
No 25 seconds into the episode, you hear the voice of Judi manic accompanied by the sound of what I believe is the snap of her hands for emphasis. What a beautiful sentence was soon forgotten as we are next scene shows the stunning roommate then unknown pouring cereal a person who sleeps around, shouting: “I served breakfast in bed!” Both lines were a delight, but if you are going to choose between the two, go with which sounds more like it came from The Silence of the Lambs.

“I have no time for drama in the house.”
There is always someone who says this right off the bat, and this time was Nastasia. Why bad girls even bother to make such statements? , Did you think when you sent in your audition tape? What else is occupying your time in this house? My guess is that perhaps just inspired by how most of the girls in the sixth season ended (which acts as?) Best friends for snoozefest of the Special Meeting.

“Pppt, ppppt ppt, WHAT THE $*#%?”
I was disappointed by the lack Tiara – Hope broadcast journalism dullest I’ve ever seen – at the premiere, especially considering how much fun it was to meet her and bug-eating forms that were, like that’s so embarrassing.

“Yo, he’s fat?”
These words of union between Angelica and Judi really the sum of the spirit and camaraderie among the housemates. They also share a talent of having a strong gay-dar.

“Who cares if we are younger? Drink more than all of them together.”
Angelic is so picky when it comes to being the “baby” even when all the fans of Bad Girls Club knows the person better tolerated alcohol has the power. Although none of Shelly and Tasha meant to be disrespectful to point out that the youngest of the house, causing angel to become hostile and defensive, forced to threats such as TH: “I just know this baby, you know, she is not just a… baby. ”

“I made you famous.”
Not much to say about Judi and her massive identification, but all that can simply be summed up in the line of sensual whispers to her lover at the club. In favor of Judi, she is a true native and has children, free liquor, beverages, cigarettes, kissing, and 5,000 Facebook friends. Therefore.

Shelly How often talks about “family” and how through Judi is she? The lady doth protest too much, I think. In any other program, this would be resolved after a session of good conversation, but Bad Girls Club has to escalate the conflict beyond any reasonable measure … in a good way, of course.

“You’re eating my spit.”
Obviously – obviously – is not well spit in someone’s food. Ask Tanisha. While Shelly and Judi gave a smackdown Tiara good enough for her crime, do not you remember that before you cook your pizza late at night, which fell on the floor? That was contaminated now

“The voodoo doll was trying to get wild with me.”
At first, I thought I was at the voodoo all season, but Judi’s doll is definitely the inanimate carbon rod in the summer … not so much because of their interaction with it, but because of what immediately became emotionally Priscilla with him. After the meeting, which complements the weaving and busty figure Voodoo, only to scream violently and hit him / her late at night. Of course, this was the only girl in the house that was no showdown with Priscilla. No matter how crazy she loves the doll seems to become Jews (really only join schtick), rivalry Prisicilla was 100 times better. And it just me, or what kind of look alike?

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