Bachmann Pac Attacks Perry

September 2, 2011 by Post Team 

Bachmann Pac Attacks PerryBachmann Pac Attacks Perry, Rockets, as governor of Texas, Rick Perry rise in the polls has left the rest of the Republican field struggling for political oxygen, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann in the latest change her campaign strategy accordingly.

On Thursday, Bachmann is super-PAC launched the first primary ad attacking a fellow Republican – Perry.

The ad, which technically is not controlled by the Bachmann campaign, Perry said that “spending doubled in a decade” in Texas and is borrowing money for deficit spending. It is a direct attack on the strong side Perry – his popularity among fiscally conservative mind tea party.

Perry’s campaign in the style of quick response, said the announcement in a press release stating that both the claims of ads on Perry’s record are false.

“Governor Perry is a proven fiscal conservative who cut taxes, balanced budgets signed six and led Texas to become the leading state employment generation companies,” said Ray Sullivan, ‘s director of communications, the statement. “Front-group Congresswoman Bachmann ad is patently false and provable. Unlike Washington, the Texas budget is balanced, not incur deficits and spending limits, and Texas added jobs and the population at large quantities. ”

Writing in Thursday’s Washington Post, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin said Perry goes after tax was not very wise move.

Perry Attacking “the expenditure can not be the strongest tactic,” Rubin wrote. “However, it is vulnerable on issues which can be exploited, especially his stance on immigration and investment in gay marriage and mandatory vaccination against HPV. Perry’s challenge is not only to dispel these concerns and reassure the Republican establishment, but well without appearing to be too defensive or a bully. It is not an easy task.

Rubin went on to write that yesterday a veteran “of the Republican Party Bachmann described to me as a” political episodic. She makes and creates great moments. He impressed the punditocracy in the discussions. Boffo launched ads in Iowa. He won in Ames. Now she has to do it again in the debate and forum in South Carolina on Monday. It billed itself as the “consistent conservative.” Well, that means the others are “inconsistent” conservatives. ”

But if nothing else, Perry has demonstrated the consistency

Bachmann theoretical path to the presidency was always easier. That had to score big with conservatives in Iowa – her narrow victory over Texas Rep. Ron Paul in Ames straw poll was a first big step towards doing that – and then ride the momentum of its base a strong presence in the following GOP primaries.

Bachmann never imagined at a price well in “Mavericky” New Hampshire, where voters rarely follow the example of Iowa, anyway – the last Republican candidate to win the two was Gerald Ford in 1976.

So given the increased strength of Perry in South Carolina, Bachmann’s team seems to be concentrating its resources and not in Florida and Texas, and minimize their investment in the Granite State.

In fact, the representative of Minnesota has not visited the Granite State since her campaign began two months ago, reports Politico.

“Iowa is our main goal right now, second is South Carolina,” said Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart politician. “We plan to build on our efforts in New Hampshire at the right time.”

Some New Hampshire Republicans were offended by the absence of Bachmann. “People are puzzled by the fact that she has not been here since before the [Iowa] poll,” said former Republican Party chairman Fergus Cullen state. “The activists alerted when you are campaigning in Florida and make two trips to South Carolina, but is not planning any visits to New Hampshire.”

Bachmann campaign has changed the tone and strategy. Given the popularity of Perry with the Christian right, and taking into account the fact that 40 percent of the electorate in the GOP primary in Florida is believed to be evangelicals and Catholics, Bachmann stump speeches have later taken a decidedly religious tone.

In Keynote Bachmann to Florida Family Policy Council, on Saturday in Orlando, Florida, spoke about her conversion to Christianity staff.

“Then the Lord put in my heart a hunger and thirst for his word, hunger and thirst to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, and I know,” he said.

Also this week, when Bachmann was criticized for suggesting the exploration of oil in the Florida Everglades would be a good idea, she responded to criticism: “We will have access to this wonderful treasure of the energy that God has given us in this Let’s country have access to it in a responsible manner. ”

The Weekly Standard, Stephen Hayes said on Fox News on Thursday that apparently Bachmann is facing questions about her eligibility Perry does not.

Whether more full of faith Bachmann campaign style can help counteract the rise of Perry is an open question. However, it is presented as further evidence that the rapid emergence of Perry has rocked the Republican field.

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