Average American 24.3 Pounds Candy Year

November 1, 2011 by staff 

Average American 24.3 Pounds Candy Year, Today is the day. Trick-or-treat is knocking at your door tonight to get their share of candy, so we thought it was a good time to see how well you know the facts of Halloween.

The answers come from encyclopedias, National Retail Federation, Visa surveys and the census.

1. How many children between 5 and 13 go trick or treating in the United States?

2. How many pounds of candy does the average person consumes each year?

3. How much do spend on Halloween candy?

4. How much, on average, each person spends on Halloween?

5. Where did Halloween originate?

6. What jack-o’-lanterns originate?

7. How many pounds of pumpkins were produced in the United States?

8. Why are owls associated with Halloween?

9. You see a spider on Halloween good luck?

10. Superstition says that someone who was born on Halloween is that special power?


1. Some 36 million children aged 5 to 13 was trick-or-treating in 2009.

2. In the United States, the average is 24.3 pounds.

3. Halloween candy sales and an average of 2 billion annually in the United States, candy bars top the list, and Snickers is the most popular brand.

4. Those who are celebrating spend an average of 40 and in candy and decorations. Parents with children under 18 years will pass and 54, no children under 18 years will pass and 32, and dads and 63.

5. Halloween originated in Ireland. November 1 was All Hallows Day or All Saints Day, the beginning of the Celtic new year. The ancient Celts believed that the night before All Hallows Eve, spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside. They wore masks and layers so that the spirits do not recognize that they were human.

6. The Celts also celebrated in late October harvest festival Samhain. The tradition of placing candles in turnips to avoid emptying the spirits started in association with this event. The tradition turned to pumpkins in the United States.

7. The United States produces 931 million pounds of pumpkins, and leads in the production of Illinois with 429 million pounds.

8. The Celts believed that the owl was the only animal that can live with the ghosts and could steal your soul in All Hallows Eve. Tip: To avoid this, turn your pockets.

9. Yes, the belief is that the spider is a dead loved one, looking out for you.

10. The ancient Celts believed they were born on Halloween could see and talk to spirits and ghosts.

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