Avenger Sequel Officially On

May 16, 2012 by staff 

Avenger Sequel Officially On, With “The Avengers” sequel officially confirmed by Marvel/Disney, comic book fans the world over will be contemplating which of the publisher’s other heroes could be added to the line-up, potentially getting their own solo movie as soon as 2014 – filling the popularly acknowledged gap in the schedule alongside Captain America 2 that summer.

Of course, we have to bear in mind that Marvel Studios do not own the film rights to characters as key to their comic book universe as Daredevil, Spider-Man, Wolverine or the Fantastic Four – all of whom have allied with or become members of the Avengers at one time or another – but with that consideration in place, here is another suggestion for Marvel’s Next Avengers Film:

Power Man (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist (Daniel Rand)
Why?: Because they are an awesome pairing and, whilst both characters could easily sustain their own solo movie, a combination of the two could lead to either a) a buddy comedy of sorts: mixing action and humour in much the same way Joss Whedon’s script for The Avengers has done to such winsome effect or b) a slightly darker exploration of Marvel’s seedy criminal underworld. The introduction of Luke Cage into the Avengers would also provide the one thing the current team sorely lack: a non-white member (seriously, if they don’t bring Cage, Black Panther or Falcon next time, they should at least invite Don Cheadle’s War Machine along!).

I’ll say right off the bat that my exposure to Luke Cage and Iron Fist has come via recent spells with Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers rather than through the original 1970s blaxploitation/Kung Fu-spolitation title Heroes for Hire, or even their perennial appearances in the world of Daredevil. The upshot is that I don’t honestly know very much about Luke Cage as the open-shirted tiara-sporting Power Man (above), a moniker that he has largely abandoned of late, with the character existing in my mind as a thoroughly down to earth (and intermittently reluctant) family man: romantic partner of Jessica Jones (AKA Jewel) and father of their baby daughter.

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