Autumnal Equinox 2010

September 21, 2010 by staff 

Autumnal Equinox 2010, Once again, we are at the point of balance of light and darkness. The autumnal equinox occurs this year on September 22-23. The equinox is a moment of balance, tranquility, stillness, as the sun passes on Ecuador from north to south. We arrived at harvest time, and after a few hours, Aries Full Moon will reach its peak harvest. A moment of perfect balance, made sacred by the self awareness that we need to grow into a moon, and in this time of year. With the arrival of the harvest season, this year 2010 reached maturity. We have to make decisions, our personal harvest and our world, and the cycle of years claims to make those decisions with eyes wide open and hearts full of passion for life. This passion for life will get us through the coming winter.

Please take the time to recognize the harvest for this year and offer gratitude for the many gifts, and the evidence, which this year has brought. What I’m listening to everybody, this summer 2010 T-square has an anvil warm fire. For those of you that are tired, it’s time to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year, again. The energies are about to change.

The autumn equinox is upon us here in the northern hemisphere, while those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are celebrating Spring Equinox. As in the North welcome the darkness once again, those of you in the South will rejoice in the return of light and heat. His Sun is back in the neighborhood!

What makes this particular full moon is the fact that after the full moon, the Soli-Lunar cycle changes again: the new moon in a sign once more before the full moon falling associated with that sign. After the full moon, when we plant a seed in a sign that flourish in its sign complementary, not incompatible elements (for example, we saw a new Earth with Moon in Virgo this coming full moon that occurs in Firefox instead Virgo Aries Earth to supplement their water Pisces).

This first full moon of Aries, right to the point of the equinox, while the second full moon in Aries occur in grade 30. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end. In the sign of Aries, which means that this full moon is about to incarnate from the new identity that has been developing this summer, while the second full moon can lock into place. The second full moon in Aries could be the true “blue moon” because two full moons in a month astrological (instead of a calendar month) make more sense if a blue moon is special in some way. While this full moon, once again, the cardinal T-square I’ve been talking all summer, others are quite free-floating planets.

Neptune and Chiron are conjunct in Aquarius 27 *, healing our collective mind with a new vision of ourselves and our world. We all need a vision of “what we are and what we can become ‘to work. The vision Aquarium of the first part of 2010 is still being designed. Just remember to heal yourself first. Release all negative thoughts have on himself and start with the positive, while being aware of the parts of itself that still have to work.

The Sabian symbol for Aquarius is 27 *: an old ceramic bowl full of fresh violets. old containers or values may be stored as long as they are filled with living beauty. Violets are considered symbols of modesty and humility, two values that we still have to cultivate in the creation of a new vision for a unified world. Wild violets send runners producing new plants that reminds us that the new growth is based on the age and the life. We can be modest in our expectations of a good life, while being humble enough to be useful to others. True equality is dependent on these virtues.

Jupiter and Ura**s are together at 29 * Pisces, the extension of the crack between the dimensions of reality, expanding our awareness of the mysterious hidden aspects of life on Earth. That these energies flow through you with compassion for yourself and for everyone else trying to get through the task. We’re all in this together. The Sabian symbol of Pisces is 29 *: degradation of light in various colors as it passes through a prism. While there is a stream of light for us all, there are many dimensions that flows through. It is time for us to leave all colors within us, not only socially accepted!

Mercury is traveling alone, again moving forward in Virgo,anlyze and consider what to do. The closest to Mercury’s appearance with Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Once you find out what you really want to send it to Mercury to start getting details in order. The Sabian symbol is 14 * Virgo: A splendid tree engraved on a piece of parchment. Our family lineage, as well as our lineage soul, is the root of our personal power. As deeply accept who we are, we can begin to understand what talents and gifts that we bring to the world.

Venus and Mars are Argentine tango-ing through Scorpio, sending dark and dangerous signal to potential mates, friends and enemies, as he prepared to Venus retrograde from October 8. It is time to understand the difference between what they need to grow our lives and what we want in our lives. They are two different things, as a very wise goddess sister said this weekend. With Venus retrograde back in late Libra, we have not solved the desire of our hearts. “Do not rush it. Everything comes in its own time.

The full moon in Aries 1 *, in conjunction with Jupiter and Ura**s in Pisces is being fueled by the collective vision of compassion and individual experience of living in a multi-dimensional world. Sabian symbol for Aries is 1 *: A woman has risen from the sea. A seal is embracing her. Here is the new potential of being conscious, derived from the oceans of the Unconscious Collective (Pisces). It is a potential of individuality and individuality. She is a woman and so the image speaks of a new life feeling that is faithful to our original nature. That is the label that appears out of the water with her. Our original nature is as comfortable on land and in water, as it develops in the womb of our mother watery. The seal reminds us that we remain open to the unconscious, our feelings and creative imagination and the magic of life. If we do, we will stay true to ourselves.

Sun in Libra is one * in conjunction with Saturn, inspiring us to take responsibility for making the balance between self and other, and justice and self-conscious. The Sun and Saturn wants us to take seriously our purpose in life, while the Moon we can love to travel to other dimensions and enjoy a little fantasy. Try to find a balance between both. You need both attitudes at this time to become aware of their next step.

The Sabian symbol for 1 * Libra is: In a collection of perfect copies of many biological forms, one shows the beauty of butterfly wings, his body impaled on a fine dart. Here we see the opposite image of the moon. Life is no longer alive, but considered as an archetypal reality. Yet he also reminds us of emergency. The butterfly symbolizes the transformation and shape change. We are called to remember that change is constant, however, not chaotic. There is a process in question. The dart impales the throttle body keeps it in perfect shape so we can see and understand its final form before the death. Also involves the sacrifice of some kind, and in books that you learn to sacrifice our own desires to satisfy the needs of others, which are ultimately own needs. As autumn comes to the fore, begin to understand that we must work together to bring the harvest and plan for the needs of all during the harsh winter months.

This symbol invites us to become the epitome of true new beginning for the woman makes. He calls us to refine what we are.

Pluto in Capricorn, along with the North Node, squares and challenges, both the Sun and the Moon. Whatever you feel, think or inspire to be, we must allow our perceptions of ancient life dying for something new can be born. When we embarked on a new journey, we must drop our old crutches. The patriarchal age is a crutch that actually no longer needed. We do not need our “parents can decide for us. It’s time to build a culture and a world where the couple is mature, the partners of the soul, creating a culture that meets our need for” Life, Liberty and the pursuit happiness. “It’s the ultimate male and female, who must set the new agenda.

The fact that the full moon Autumn Equinox powered energy will keep us steady through at least September 30, when the Sun conjunct Saturn in 8 * Libra. The Sabian symbol for Libra is 8 *: A fire burning mysteriously in an abandoned farmhouse. This is a symbol of hope, from the fires of life are still with us even when we feel life has abandoned us.

While we are called to live our truth, we are also reminded that the association is the next step for us. Once we learn to live with ourselves, we are challenged to become bigger than ourselves by participating in a true partnership. Please accept the challenge and rewards of these times. You be glad you did.

Blessings brighter as years turn the wheel once again.

Cathy Pagano, M.A.

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