Amazon’s Latest Announcement Will Change Our Lives More Than You Know

April 24, 2014 by staff · Leave a Comment 

Amazon’s Latest Announcement Will Change Our Lives More Than You Know, Amazon’s latest announcement will change our lives more than you know
I know, I know. You already know the answer. But my reaction to Amazon’s Prime Pantry introduction – which allows its Prime members to have up to 45 pounds of home goods shipped directly to their doorstep within four days for a $6 fee – has more to do with the industry at large. As someone who resides in a rural location, being able to shop online is a huge boon. and eBay were but infants in the online universe, and it was already obvious that the holy grail of online shipping would be the day that your groceries arrived to your doorstep, precisely as ordered, without anything being spoiled.

We aren’t there yet on a grand scale, but we’re getting tantalizingly close.

Just as the advent of the Internet has crushed USPS profits as customers opt for e-cards and Facebook wall posts over tried-and-true paper stock, we’re seeing the shipping industry as a whole get its second wind. In the face of what seemed like a dire situation, shippers should take heart; they’re swapping out legal documents and handwritten letters for boxes of foodstuffs.

As with pretty much anything, there will be winners and losers to what Prime Pantry represents, but those assumed to be on the wrong side of that equation don’t have to be.

For as excellent as Pantry seems, it’s still not useful for most yet. You can’t get freshly sliced meat from your local butcher, and that gluten-free whatchamacallit that your corner shop carries probably isn’t available online.

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