Atlas Shrugged Movie Review

April 16, 2011 by Post Team 

Atlas Shrugged Movie Review, Atlas Shrugged Part 1 hits theaters today, and in the first half hour of the film became immediately clear why it is a low budget film. Archive footage of trains and gobs of scenes with nothing but businessmen in meetings does not cost much. Which is probably a good thing because the United States market duty free is out of existence at this time. It is even possible that the moment in part 2 and part 3 comes out, nobody will be able to afford a movie ticket.

This film covers the first third of the famous book by Ayn Rand, and, theoretically, there will be two more films to come. I guess you will not have so many scenes of meetings, since the plot of the book leaves the meeting room and gets into the issue of business and not the best minds in the nation is disappearing. I mean … if the last two parts are made. You may be canceled on the basis of how bad this movie is going to do.

Taylor Schilling does a credible job as Dagny Taggart – in fact she is a lot like I imagined. Grant Bowler as Henry Rearden totally lost to me, but he did a poor job quality. In fact, I really could not say any of the actors were bad, they just had a crap script, boring and the plot to work and we all suffered through it together.

If I remember correctly, the first third of the novel was pretty boring too. It is the last part of it that really fires him, and the Rocky Mountains Photos that have done well to condense the boring parts and get to the good stuff, probably in a single film.

Ayn Rand story is really good, and despite all her preaching about the dangers of objectivism (belief that the purpose of life of men is only to be happy and that our social system must fully support this purpose) I liked the book. I sort of scary but also kind of shook me a bit, because when you have millions of Americans asking what Obama has done for them lately, is a company that could slide into objectivism.

I wanted to like this movie too, and I hoped to bring home the story to the generation of people who currently do not seem to be able to understand concepts in written form. But he could not do in the first half, and even if they do the other parties is doubtful that people who need to display. In total, this film is a failure in every sense of the word, but may have her heart in the fact that the novel was a flop when it first came out too. Perhaps the movie (s) will achieve similar success in history.

As a side note, it amuses me that came out in what should have been Tax Day 2011. I am sure that a planned way in advance, before becoming a fact that we were going to get an extension to April 18. Go!

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