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November 18, 2010 by staff 

At And T, The Republicans always use the excuse that we have to give the rich huge tax cuts, it is the “job creators.” Of course, the reality is that giving tax cuts to the rich is the worst form of more money into the economy. The multiplier effect of tax cuts for the rich is the lowest in almost any program to encourage the government can address.

Also, if you are creating jobs, not here. The money is flowing out of the country and in developing markets at an incredible rate. Between 2002 and 2008 Bush tax cuts and amounted to 1.3 billion. The amount of money leaving the United States in the form of investment in developing countries during the same period of time – and 1.9 billion dollars. It can be argued that all tax cuts for the rich left the country and something else (of course, is a bit more complicated than that, but obviously much of the extra money went into investment abroad).

So, if you are creating jobs through tax cuts is probably in Shanghai or Mumbai. Therefore, the Republican response now is to … more tax cuts for the rich. They want to give to 700 million dollars in tax cuts for the top bracket in the next ten years. I have a revolutionary idea in place.

How about instead of giving money to the rich and hope that creating jobs, just to create jobs! Imagine what we could build and how well we can do for the country if they used that extra $ 700 million to hire people actually directly. Imagine how many jobs it could create.

Might be worth if you just hire people to do otherwise would be a volunteer. Might be worth if you just build a whole new green energy sector. Might be worth if you just hire a large number of teachers to give our children the best education in the world. Might be worth if we hire more police to protect many of our streets and firefighters to protect our neighborhoods. Or the doctors to treat our patients. Or people to care for the elderly or disabled. Or people to look after our kids while we work. Or people to build bridges and roads. Or anything else you can imagine.

Imagine. And 700 billion set aside to hire people only. To hire Americans. Or we can go with the Republican plan to give everything to the rich and hope to create jobs at some point and hope that the work here in America. You be the judge.

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