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January 14, 2011 by Post Team 

Astrological Signs, Ophiuchus (the serpent holder) in the astrological picture, you’re probably wondering if your sign suddenly new means that you are supposed to possess special features. The real answer is that, as Ophiuchus (Ophiuchan?) Your personality traits are online, so your existing personality traits.
Astrologers, however, need something concrete, but may be general enough to apply to a person born during a period of 20 days. It has even reached the point where people are consulting Yahoo Answers. A 2009 Harris Poll (PDF link) shows that 26% of Americans believe in astrology, this number could be higher if we take into account those who are not comfortable accepting such a belief.

Ophiuchus is the only astrological sign, which is based on a real person (but maybe Scorpio was based on a real scorpion, we will never know). You may know the name of Imhotep Mummy movies, but it was a real man. The Greeks called Asclepius, and was known for his knowledge of medicine back in 27 BC. Indeed, the caduceus (the rod with the snake coiling around her) is still a widely recognized symbol for medicine.

Astrological traits must be sufficiently precise to distinguish the signs, but general enough that someone could look at the list of features and say, “Yes, it could be me.”

On this basis, astrologers have compiled a series of traits that correspond to such a person, including:

Peace researcher and wisdom

Attractor luck and jealousy

Interpreter of dreams
Whoever reaches the stars?
Plaid carrier (it is oddly specific)

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