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ARMM ElectionsARMM Elections, The two chambers, Congress put off Aug 8 elections of an autonomous Muslim Mindanao of the Region (ARMM), together with House of Representatives yesterday, decreed by the senate to receive for the bill, any delay by the amendments. In the motion to take the amendments he proposed to the senate, the house of Gonzales Majority Leader 2 Naphtali is bicameral execute it, and what has been said, so the way of a conference superfluous to the agent diminished the measure before them. For this book is certified as urgent by President Aquino, the need to be excluded in the bicameral conference of which> being sent down to the just Tomorrow of the first session, Gonzales has been said.

If a conference said the meeting was called concerning the progression of the bill of the agent not to this day ‘absolute delay scheduled.

Gonzales told the notary that the house is moving from print copies, the bill of the manner of delay in the extension of the power of Discounted that he may learn the ships could be sent to the President a week.

“Those things I look for the President to sign the following week, AT THE LATEST,” he says.

Leader Edcel Lagmannum fewer, however, asked Gonzales’ made void the objective is to bicameral conference.

Lagmannum of the Senators argued that changes were proposed were very much greater than the amendments that changed the House-approved bill.

Said the session was held the greatest alteration Deletion of the provision that bans the offices-in-is running, that some of the election in the ARMM would be synchronized with the May 2013 Congressional and chiefs in the districts.

This version was provided was a safeguard to the house of the President must not turn from the anointing of the leader of the other ARMM, Lagmannum is pointed out.

And as for other Lagmannum criticizes the Senate amendment which calls for the creation of “keeper of the Committee” advice I give, to the President that the OIC for the name of the posts in the country of his with the law.

When he said to be formed advocating a plan amendment of the President, did not say how many created.

This committee is merely a flat calm of the rubberstamp of volition? Ang “he says.

The decrees of the senate the first time in the proposed Franklin deserved to Sen, seeking to put off the election of Drilon ARMM.

Drilon said it would not be assent of the House Committee bicameral need of a hearing, which the meter will automatically send the signature of the President.

Certified by the petition of the Aquinas such as urgent for the sake of a time: the left before the scheduled the elections for the ARMM.

It was initially thought that the senate would be to hold the House hearing bicameral conference committee yesterday, on account of some variety of food may propose a resolution in the senate version.

Is one, certain there is a difference of both versions from the senate, he removed his provision be incapable of the duties of-in-charge to be appointed by the president to the ARMM, is an elective ought to be looked in the country of the local elections held May 2013.

It has been said, Drilon deleted because it allowed him for his way to run an election of right of OICs Organic Act because the industry alleges.

Fathers, the proposal of a vote last Wednesday to be far from the next 13 been long awaited in the grace and with only seven in the result of the intercession.

Sen. Pia Cayetano, despite being a member opposed to Nacionalista Party (NP) said last night after breaking down the number of votes for a reflexive want to recall the election of a collective allows reforms of the country.

Cayetano for their vote would have said to the heads of the dispensation of the ARMM different.

“I should like to support this administration is the desire to institute reforms in the places of poverty is than the exception to the rule, has been said Cayetano.

Cayetano was in the fathers on Wednesday proposed a 13 for the different sexes on Aug 8 ARMM.

Others, however, Juan Ponce Enrile fathers senators President Drilon, Jinggoy Estrada, Vicente Sotto Teofisto Guingona 3 3 Panfilo Lacson, Francis Pangilinan, Ralph Miriam Defender of the recto-Santiago, Manuel Jr. the stone, when Gregory, Antonio Trillanes and Honasan 4.

A Lot of time with the transaction for the votes that come even Liberal Party senators Drilon, recto, and Guingona Pangilinan whom it was given orders to the President the way of Lobby for the passage of Bill Aquino.

Two other men, the senators, and he that saw it Trillanes Lacson allies, went to meet the former Aquinas in the first month to take the support of Bill 2756 of the senate.

Drilon is the author of the princes of the author of the measure of optimistico says that he is about getting more votes.

A very good was also relying on their strength of persuasion would be Aquinas, who actively lobbied for the passage of Bill.

Part of the cross with the Cayetano expressed the opinion that he did for the affiliation be delayed. The NP is of the same members of the Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Sen: and he of counsel from the local government of the PRESIDENT who passed over the tasked do I now persuade the petition of the ARMM and at length the delay we have discovered.

NP is the president Manuel Villar Jr. Sen; in the course of 2010 the election of a female national Loren Legarda, and the mighty NP is the Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano is absent by vote of a brilliant Wednesday.

Those, however, are against the opinion that the book of Marcos, Juan Miguel Zubiri, JOKER Arroyo, Francis Escudero, Ramon Revilla Jr., and Edgardo Osme to throw the vale of tears? A 3.

And Osme Escudero? From the both of them allies of the President, in that spearheading Jejomar Binay-Aquinas at length in the 2010 election here in course of a stranger, LP candidate for office.

But he hath wrought is not only a sentence in their favor to move the LP measure before them.

Santiago was done to the goods for the synchronization of heads out of the ARMM was postponed in the elections and 2013 midterm.

Santiago lectured and synchronization of the place in the autonomy of the other similar material, and the yield of the same cover web and on this account by the weight of.

Santiago arguments seem to be borne by the weight of the questions frequently with Drilon valid and that the defense of the Bill.

On the contrary, those who thought they ought, as a bright and the high place of their disappointment.

Escudero said the passage of broad been declared, “We do not the senate to hear the voice of the people.

Arroyo lamented that this verdict of the Senators won by many, but have lost the Muslim vow.

Said the petition of the vale of tears does not differ, but because appointees resigned he might fill the place of the election of the elective.

Zubiri said that he was grieving the death of the rights of the people: for the right to vote ARMM wanes, she it was trodden down in the measure before them.

Marcos added it was now to the Supreme Court of the constitutionality in the king of the measure.

In the mean time merely a flat calm? Should the exception to the senate Ang ARMM here differ only institute an investigation of heads made the vow-the work of reforms of the country.

Presidential Lacierda Edwin said, “Pray delay the passage of the book of a great march to the reformation of the wolf in the country.

What it is to “Beyond The Senate and the judgment, that signifies that even the opinion of the dukes of the will of the people to come toward the right and the way of genuine significant just a mobile, Lacierda has been said.

“The administration has always held for the same is it true synchronization and popular – was often obstructed the patronage of political transactional – prc in the ARMM where the people could be removed at a chance of a dignified life, Lacierda added.

Secretary of the Interior of Jesse Robredo said He would not allow the approval of the government initiatives of the people bring the benefits of countries.

We can as well go now greater than the work of his difficulty in forming a constituency ARMM while the mind is a small window 20 is to be strictly an opportunity to help to bring the resources of which may be long, he said Robredo.

Quietly out of the Presidential Adviser Teresita Blot out, has been said in the Procession of the postponement of ARMM elections will be easier to bring about peace between processes and added the command of Islamic Liberation Front.

And he said to ARMM synchronization of the elections in the public places be allowed to parts of the 2013 elections to belong focus that is common and a substantial build up the issues in addressing and drawn into the the table.

Some from the beginning received and postponement of ARMM MNLF year were elected.

The Vice-Cotabato City Mayor Muslimin Semmaa, PRESIDENT of dominion of the Most High in the four parts of the National Liberation Front he added, he said the election of resetting of the Region 2013 Congress be allowed to the space of a public charter better than the ARMM enhance its administrative and fiscal to the target.

Resetting has been proved in the 2013 is the book of the head, and he who gives to the efficacy of lower ARMM Aquinas constitute a region of farmers.

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