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October 27, 2011 by staff 

Arizona Mom McDonald’s, An Arizona mother recently awoke to a hand-delivered a letter from a lawyer who said that prohibits the entry of eight McDonald in three cities and the surrounding Phoenix area.The delivery came to Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan at 7 am and the letter indicates the eight McDonald establishments is prohibited entry.

The letter also includes an attachment with information about the statutes of burglary and theft in the State of Arizona. Why Jordan Carr banned?
The mother of 36 years of age, four, a university professor, has urged fast-food restaurants to cleanse their playgrounds. His campaign began last April when he discovered the terrible conditions in a McDonald PlayPlace she had gotten itself reportedly even their children, said “yuck”.
Jordan Carr sampled a McDonald PlayPlace and had the sampleanlyzed by a laboratory.

When the results came, what he found was disturbing. According to, she states that pathogens found to reside in the McDonald’s play areas are dangerous to the health of children.
Test results showed the presence of Staphylococcus aureus resistant to antibiotics, or MRSA, which can lead to severe and potentially fatal infections. Immediately, said McDonald’s manager and moved to other customers urging them to her children to wash and disinfect their hands before eating. Nothing was done as reported.
During a visit to a McDonald saw a boy licking playground equipment, and reportedly said, “At that time it was dangerous was firm ,…. I got the great voice of a child, but do not yell at me I can not imagine knowing that I had MRSA and do nothing .. no apologies for what I did. ”
Jordan Carr-profile Twitter is described as a Graduate Professor of Child / Adolescent Development and the founder and director of Safe Kids Play. Play Safe Kids is a nonprofit corporation started to “get the word out” and seek donations and grants to pay for testing and lobbying efforts for facilities to maintain the play areas for children clean and safe.
Currently there are no laws in the state or federal level regulating play areas in restaurants, according to the kids play secure website. Reportedly most of the agencies have said they only have jurisdiction over the areas where food is prepared or eaten. Since its initial discovery last spring Carr visited Jordan and tried many various play areas playgrounds (not just McDonald) and found the same conditions of dirt and bacteria, assembled in the U.S.
Although you can not set foot in any of these establishments McDonalds, Jordan Carr, is not worried, said there are others willing to take their place in the fast-food restaurants are not allowed to enter.
So what is McDonald’s franchise on the prohibition of the mother of their franchises? The response from spokeswoman Danya Proud company, said:
“We take her opinion very seriously our restaurants. In recent months we have maintained an open and honest dialogue with Dr. Carr-Jordan, in an effort to address her concerns and check her results.
“We are still committed to doing this. It seems that the recent actions by Dr. Carr-Jordan have become harmful to employees and customers within our franchise restaurants, which led to the letter from his lawyer. We maintain our commitment to work with an internal team to ensure that our PlayPlaces are clean and safe for all customers. “

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