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September 5, 2010 by USA Post 

Ar Drone Price, iPhone or iPod touch as a handheld controller for many other devices: iTunes, Apple TV, TiVo, Logitech, Sonos, Roku players and media, home automation systems, “and many more. But Parrot and 299 iPhone-app kicks AR.Drone control to a higher level, making the IOS device in the primary, or rather, the only-way to control the four-propeller, flying gadget. We have been testing and implementation partner AR.Drone free, free flight. Here is a sample of geek fun we had.

Parrot calls the AR.Drone a quadricopter “,” name of the company for a quadrotor or quadrocopter-rotor aircraft-based computer that uses four separate rotors. Quadrotors While it may seem more complicated than traditional helicopters, the design is actually much easier and cheaper: Instead of complex mechanisms that control the aircraft by varying the passage of each rotor blade as it rotates, a rotor used quadrotor fixed pitch. You control the aircraft by simply varying the relative speed of rotation of each rotor.

The main body of the AR.Drone consists of a layer of polystyrene foam containing main circuits of the vehicle and the battery compartment. Four metal arms protruding from the shell in an X pattern at the end of each housing a motor, a flexible plastic rotor, and a plastic foot landing. In the bottom of the body are two altimiter ultrasonic sensors, along with an interior “inertial” the help of AR.Drone maintain its orientation with respect to ground.

Also inside is a CPU running Linux, and a wireless access point that creates a network AR.Drone control, which lets you play with other AR.Drone owners, and even upload firmware updates to the AR. Drone ‘s built-in FTP server (more about these features in a moment.) Finally, the AR.Drone has not one but two video cameras on board: one in front, facing forward, and the other at the bottom, looking down. This is not the parent RC plane.

Before you fly the AR.Drone, you must attach one of the two helmets included. For indoor use, you slip in the largest town, surrounding each flexible rotor with styrofoam. This helmet provides a moderate degree of protection of the rotors when you bump or crash into things. And you will crash into things when they start flying the AR.Drone. For outdoor use, once you’ve gotten the hang of flying, you can change the helmet, a minimalist version that only covers the main body of the vehicle. The AR.Drone weighs just 11.7 ounces with the inner hull and only 10.6 ounces with the outdoor version.

Also included with the AR.Drone are a lithium-ion battery, battery charger and AC adapter, and several bright stickers to help you keep track of what vehicle is that when multiple AR.Drones are flying together.

The hardware is impressive, but what really makes the AR.Drone unique is that instead of controlling the vehicle using a dedicated hardware remote control, download a free iPhone app, free flight, and then use your iPhone, IPAD, or iPod touch as the controller.

When the battery is connected AR.Drone ‘s, the “helicopter automatically creates a standard wireless network with a range of approximately 50 meters. Establishes the IOS device to join the network” is an open network, so it is not necessary password, and then launch the implementation of Free Flight. The wireless network name, in the case of our review unit, ardrone_000752-should be obvious enough, but can be changed later using the application for the iPhone. (Note that once you use a special device IOS AR.Drone, if you later want to use a different IOS device to control the vehicle, you must first manually Unpair the original iPhone or iPod touch using from the AR.Drone a button on the bottom of the vehicle. This procedure is indicated in the setup guide, but it is easy to overlook.)

Parrot discourages the use of AR.Drone in an area with other Wi-Fi networks. Here in San Francisco Bay, the search for a place without wireless networks is almost as difficult as hunting unicorns, but fortunately the AR.Drone worked well indoors, even in a room covered by multiple networks.

AR.Drone, and 299 of its price seems outrageous, but that’s still a little dough to spend on a toy. However, if you have money to burn, the AR.Drone is a heck of a lot of fun once you’ve mastered the controls, and I was impressed by the little things Parrot intended to blow up the “helicopter easier. Short Battery life and the risk of rupture are disappointments, and were not able to test any of the upcoming games augmented reality, but I suspect that AR.Drone be a hit with wealthy gadget lovers, especially if developers build a library of robust applications.

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