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January 27, 2010 by USA Post 

Apple Tablet Announcement Time:Morning-after “pill has finally arrived. I’m here in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, to wait for Apple to show us what had happened at 10 pm Pacific Time.

We know today’s CD is definitely coming, thanks to McGraw-Hill Chief Executive Officer Terry McGraw, who said Tuesday that the iPhone operating system will support the electronics will run.

The question now is how exactly Apple pull it off, and how to convince us why we have this thing in the first place need. Books, magazines, newspapers, television, games, CD is supposed to improve each of them one way or another.

It would be helpful in the price? Will blow your mind? Tune in to find out.

However, problems have Coveritlive.

10:06 Steve Jobs is here. Appel says is the largest mobile phone company in the world.

10:07 Who uses the laptop and smartphone. Is there room for a third category of the device in the middle, and asks Steve. It should be better able to browse the Internet and e-mail, and enjoy sharing photos, video, music, games and reading e-books. Must be the best, “but it was not his raison d’etre.” Can a netbook not. “Notebooks are not the best for nothing.”

10:10 It is believed that there is something better. Call and ask the company. It’s there. Even very thin, especially if they get on screen in the background. This is the best browsing experience you’ve ever had, he said. “To the entire web page on the unusual to see an entire web page in your hand. To do this e-mail, nearly a full screen keyboard you have. To see the photos you can see the full size image . This is a calendar, address book, groups of cards received. That I have iTunes in the heart of the company’s requests, as happened with YouTube video and high accuracy.

10:13 Here is the pilot. “It is even more intimate than a laptop.” It shows what looks like a big iPhone webleeservaring, only much larger. He started the New York Times and then go to Time Magazine. Flash video not showing. This is very bad.

10:17 Now the e-mail. You can see the e-mail list on the left and right with your message on the embedded images. PDF’s are easily accessible with the click of one. Now if you want to write, you can write on the screen is too large. Steve looks like a lot of effort to type on this thing have not.

10:19 big pictures and bright. You can check out photos from events, or object and the open space in a pinch, a stack of photographs. It has some of the same things learned about it. You can also start with a slide show. It allows a single subject called Origami with multiple parts with a few animated and light.

10:22 Now on my iPod. You can go and see a complete picture of your music with the album art. “It works,” says Steve. The iTunes store is built right in, you can be the music, video, television programs and news bulletins.

10, 23, calendar, contacts, seem large and spacious. Can you go to maps and a pinch of knowledge and view large satellites, and also the view of the street. Steve offers some local search. Be very like the experience of the iPhone, only bigger.

10:24 Now, we are on the video. You use a different format with more space. You can just go full screen. It looks nice return from a vertical or horizontal. Now to the video, and that you will show how his own library. It is hypocrisy, “Star Trek” out. You can scrub forward and backward. Referring to specific chapters. You can go full screen with the touch of one or the ratio of 16:9. Go out with a portion of the film higher.

Inquiry 10:28, and the company is 5 inches thin and 1.5 million pounds. It’s got the enterprise 9.7-inch wide display of the corners. And it was the custom Apple’s A4-1GHz chip with graphics and everything in it. You can have 16-64 GB of storage. It’s got Bluetooth wireless 801.11n. Battery life? 10 hours. “I can not take a trip to San Francisco to Tokyo and see a video of the entire path on a single charge.” And it has one month of standby power.

And Scott Forstall now is 10:30 Senior Vice President of iPhone software comes out to talk software. He said there were 140,000 applications in the store. He said they had asked the company to run all applications on the box set. You can only photograph of the screen twice to make an app go or increase the size of the iPhone which appears on the big screen. You just press the button and 2x tables requested the company to full screen. He is now demoing snow racing game. It takes the whole screen and it still looks good. You only can all your old programs to run on the request of the company. It is beautiful. Just load em up it seems.

10:35 iPhone SDK company now supports the request. Developers can download the SDK today. “We believe it would be a whole new gold rush is not for developers,” Forstall said. And requests of the company-specific programs will be a special presentation at the company’s iTunes and requests. Here are a few offers now some developers who have worked with the SDK. Loft is up first.

10:38 Mark Hickey from Loft is to show the pilot the first person to Nova. You can access the minimap for the game. You can also throw bombs from sliding two fingers on the screen. To open the hatch, you can use a three-finger gesture. You can also drag a box on the targeting of enemies to shoot them. The form factor makes a lot of opportunities for the design of the game.

10:40 Niselholtz Martin is now the New York Times, said he wanted to use something better than the best print and online title. He said it appears from a new New York Times application. The paper looks more like real paper. It scrolls to the right and left. You can resize the text, jump to the other sections, and pull the video down to the page. You can find the updates for the news loop. “It’s all about love and paper, all about love on the internet and all you can expect from the New York Times,” said the representative of the New York Times.

10:44 Steve jumped, which makes the application of tone painting brushes off the floor and an appeal to the company. It looks nice and big, and now you can drag the control panels, right on the canvas instead of changing screens. This is cool stuff, and probably one of the most use of natural to ask the company. Floor is a great demand for the iPhone, but it is highly requested by the company.

10:46 Travis Boatman from Electronic Arts is the task to talk about the need for speed racing game. The game looks a lot just for the development and applications of the company. You can change your vehicle acceleration. You can click the car to get an overview of a single or to use a mirror to look back. Looks pretty damn good.

10:49 Chad Evans from is now. He was the coast of the application to play live. You can continue to work in the game and pull the video highlights. If you have a subscription, you can go directly to the live video for the World Cup.

10:52 Steve is now back to show the eBook Reader. Apple says it will stand on the shoulders and Kindle go a step further. It’s called iBooks. There is a new iBook store to download and read books about the right to request the company. Five of the major publishers are on board. Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, the publishers. Here Demo. Representing the iTunes store. You can find a sample of the reading and then when you download the book, and it’s just the book on the shelf are downloaded. To turn the page, you can only benefit from the right at any place and eavesdrop on the left go back. “You can capture video and get everything you want.” You can change the font. “IBooks reader a great big book shop on the Internet.” We believe that the company has a great ebook reaer will ask not only for the popular books, but books as well.

10:58 Now he’s talking Steve York. He is out of the hands of Phil Schiller, the guru of marketing. Working Group is working since last year to realize the program for the company to ask. A new version of the company’s main application, and page numbers. All applications of the corporate landscape. Can you just slides on your left and see the chipset on the right. Maps, charts and graphics that make it easy. You can view the slides individually or in packages to drag them back to target. Pictures at the library can be downloaded and can be easily treated. Animation is easy to insert as well. It is very impressive. This makes the composition of PowerPoint presentations simple method of death.

11:05 Now on to the pages. You can easily document together. Pictures are easy to integrate with a simple drag. Agenda application numbers look good. To move columns and rows to the touch. You can not put a small amount and function by exploiting the weakness column. Drag it over the row and get a job on the table. Contact makes it easy for programs to use. Each agency will cost $ 9.99. They are compatible with Mac versions and can connect to light easily.

11:12 YIT connected to the computer, just like an iPod, “says Steve. Now the network. They will all Wi-Fi, and some of which will also sport 3G. Data Plan? There are two types of plans to to ask the company. Until 250MB per month is only $ 14.99. This is a great price already. The unlimited plan is $ 29.99. “This is the price of a real breakthrough is,” he said . And it is with AT & T, which will not be popular with everyone. You can go and call the company and there is no contract. Simple prompt payment and return at any time. “We have tremendous progress thinking,” said Steve. International transactions on the road, hopefully by June. All models of 3G applications and the business is closed and the use of new GSM SIMS micro –

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