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October 4, 2011 by staff 

Apple Press ConferenceApple Press Conference,  19.03 Schiller says again,  4S iPhone can switch between the antennas, even while on a call, to ensure a better quality of the call. He also claims that the speed of mobile broadband is equivalent to a 4G network, which seems unlikely.

Quote When it comes to actual performance, the 4S iPhone is just as fast [as 4G phones] ”

18.59 Now Mike Capps, president of Epic Games on the stage, talking about iPhone games in the 4S. He is showing Infinity Blade 2.

18.57 Phil Schiller 4S thoughts on the iPhone is not seeking something different:

Quote But do not be fooled because everything inside is new.

18.55 drumroll please: The new iPhone is here and call: the iPhone 4S. Looks the same as the 4.

18.54 Apple has reduced the price of your iPod touch. The 8 GB version has been reduced to 199 y.

18.53 Ok, here we go – the iPhone 4S. It will feature a new glass and a totally new design, although most people seem to think it has the same appearance as the iPhone 4.

Will the chip inside A5, and show that he was the president of Epic Games is showing the door leaf Infinity game.

18.50 Phil Schiller, head of marketing for Apple, the iPod is discussed. He says, surprisingly, that the iPod is the most popular portable game player in the world.

Speaking of IMessage and notifications, which will be available in the IOS iPod through 5.

Apple has reduced the price of its iPod touch – 8GB version has been reduced to 199 and will the 32 GB and 299 and the 64GB and 399.

18.43 The new application allows people to establish the shared location to be temporary and will automatically terminate – for example at the end of a day trip with friends. Parents can also restrict children off to find my friends and also control who share your location with.

 18.42 Eddie Cue, head of Apple, iTunes, now at the stage to discuss the icloud iTunes, which launched in the U.S. in June. He says that any purchased music will sync with all devices which will be the same for TV shows. Application developers also have access to services in the cloud. Still no news on a release in Europe.

Seeking Announces My application, allowing people to see where your family.

18.37 Here we go – the first big announcement – IOS 5 available from October 12.

18.34 Shane Richmond wants the IOS 5 release date and tweets:

This is more or less the things I had at WWDC. Pending the release date. When IOS 5 next, Scott?

IOS 18.32 Now 5 ads.

18.30 The new application ‘cards’ will notify you when your card is delivered to its destination.

18.28 Apple is moving in space Moonpig and launch of a new greeting card application – unsurprisingly called: Cards.However is U.S. only for now. Apple prints and cards by mail. Scott Forstall explains:

Appointment Cards is an application that allows you to create and send beautiful cards, directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.

18:24 p.m. cook fun of people by shifting to the iPad. Talking about how 92% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or implementing the iPad. He says the company has grown from a quarter of a market of millions of dollars in sales in the devices running IOS operating system.

Now it has introduced Scott Forstall, head of IOS. Currently there are 500,000 applications in the App Store, including 140,000 iPad he says. Displays a screenshot of IOS 5.

There have been 18 billion downloads from the App Store, Apple has paid whuile developers and 3 billion (and earned a cold temperature and 1.3 billion).

 18:16 p.m. Talk iPhone, which is why says the room is so full. Cook says that half of the iPhones sold are iPhone 4 and the best selling phone in the world.

18:16 p.m. to music. 2001 photo shows an iPod. 300 iPods sold so far, including last year sold 45m.

18:12 p.m. Talking about the growth of Mac, including the MacBook Pro and iMac are laptops and desktops sold in the U.S.. He says the growth is outpacing Mac PC.

It also says that the revisions to the operating system OSX Lion “has been incredible.”

18.05 Tim Cook is calm, confident and relaxed. He is wearing a dark shirt, black t-shirt underneath, not unlike Steve Jobs brand of subtle aspect. He is speaking with no sign of nerves and there is talk of new store openings in China and Apple Hong Kong.

18.03 And we are out, new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has taken to the stage:

This is my first product launch since being named CEO. I’m sure you did not know.

18.00 Shane Richmond, the Telegraph chief of technology, is now a live event in Covent Garden store from Apple:

“A few people outside perplexed, wondering what’s going on in the press and special guests accompanied by a cord and Covent Garden Apple Store. The windows are dark, so nobody can see in.”

17.53 9to5Mac says it has obtained images of the new phone, playing with the URLs. It appears that the iPhone 4, and apparently called 4S iPhone, not the iPhone 5.

Need more proof of Apple’s iPhone with the iPhone dubbed 4S supposedly wear the same design as the iPhone 4 of the present generation? Well, a couple of images, only appeared on Apple’s website, which represents white and black, 4S iPhone models.

17.46 Times technology reporter, Murad Ahmed, tweets:

I’m in the Apple store ready for the iPhone Covent Garden events many Italian journalists here seem

17.44 TechCrunch Japanese site points Apple has leaked the date of the new iPhone launch and was confirmed as October 14th.

17.42 Tim Stevens, editor in chief of Engadget, which is the event ‘iPhone Talk “in Cupertino, tweets:

Getting a little crowded here online. The thrill of the building. This is going to be fun.

17.33 According to the expert in reputation, Professor Chun, Apple’s reputation is in a “cliff” and faith in Cook will have to be strong if he wants to remain a leader in the market:

Apple’s most anticipated release of its new iPhone 5 in Cupertino today is in a sense, a dual launch. The iPhone, facing increasing competition from Android smart phones could use the boost, but the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, the case is likely to be even more important. It is the first major event Cook’s debut sales now that the founder of Apple and is not to impose what Silicon Valley insider referred to as Steve Jobs’ distortion field reality. ”

Even if they had no great innovation, the iPhone will dominate the market, at least for now, but industry and fanatically loyal Apple customer base are much less sure what to expect from Cook. That is partly because the culture of secrecy Apple and Jobs visibility have combined to make Cook relatively unknown to the general public. The uncertainty is compounded by the fact that previous attempts to replace Jobs proved disastrous. So far, Labour seems to be the only one who has had that special chemistry required for the operation of Apple.

What makes Apple’s lead difficult to maintain that the company is not selling a product as it is a vision, the vision of the founder. Apple products are certainly cutting edge, well built and beautiful to behold, but in the end are products that are now facing stiff competition. Samsung is eroding sales of the iPhone, offering technically superior products of comparable price.

17.28 Mobile operators have told the Guardian Juliette Garside that the new iPhone goes on sale Oct. 14.

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