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October 4, 2011 by staff 

Apple Press ConferenceApple Press Conference, For the first time in a long time, there is confusion about what will happen tomorrow if Apple’s iPhone.

Reports usually tend to miss weeks since the announcement of what users can expect, but a lot of conflicting reports on this occasion has made some initial predictions null and void – particularly the statement that even suggests that Apple could announce the long awaited iPhone 5.

While some ads are all but confirmed, as the release of IOS 5 and a 4-upgraded iPhone Several others are still in the air.

SmartCompany updated shortly after the press conference tomorrow morning with all the details, but for now this is what you can expect in the case of Apple:

Definitely will happen

IOS 5 and was previously this year and customers were told to expect a U.S. release in the fall, which is our spring.

This event seems to be the perfect time to release the highly anticipated software that gathers a wide range of new features including a new reporting system, lock screen and wireless synchronization information. The software may not be available tomorrow, but during the next week.

Unless Apple has changed its position on the price of the upgrade will be free for iPhone users and will cost about 10 and for owners of iPod Touch.

Voice aid
One of the latest rumors is very very strong – that Apple will introduce new technologies in IOS 5, which allow users to voice commands, including complicated and complete for the iPhone.

Apple last year bought Siri voice technology manufacturer and all reports indicate that it has integrated into the latest software.

It is an area where competitors like Google have reached the top and a new voice technology assistant was a big improvement.

4S iPhone
After several leaks of the components of database entries and pictures of the phone covers almost a certainty that Apple will unveil a new iPhone, called iPhone updated 4 4S.

While it may be a new phone is also indicative of the belief that Apple software is more important than the hardware specs.

The company wants to target people with lower incomes so that lower prices would not be out of the question.
There is still a chance

There is still a chance

iPhone 5
No doubt Apple will release a new iPhone product tomorrow, but if the iPhone or iPhone 4S all-new 5 is unknown.

Despite the long chain of leaking components, references to an iPhone 5 in some databases, telecommunications and filtered images of cases of a manufacturer of accessories for the existence of the iPhone 5 is still in doubt due to the reports that Apple is going to unveil a new iPhone product tomorrow.

If the iPhone 5 debuts is said to include a wider screen with a start button and a redesigned exterior resembleing the iPhone 2, with an aluminum casing.

Some have suggested that both devices will be released tomorrow, but others believe it’s only going to be one, so while the iPhone 5 is definitely on the cards there is a possibility of appearing anywhere.

New iPod Touch
There have been some reports that the iPod Touch is getting an upgrade this year and we can see the added 3G capability to its list of features, for what is essentially an iPhone-lite.

September is usually reserved for the iPod and the iTunes-related products it would make sense for the iPod to get an upgrade even though there was a major renewal last year. Adding 3G would make it a powerful alternative to the iPhone.

The scrapping of the iPod
The classic iPod is dying. Sales are falling and at last report it is an area where Apple is looking to get rid of his legacy. The company wants to focus on touch screens and keep the old click wheel devices have much longer to return.

While the iPod Classic from Apple has defined a decade may be time for the company to let him go.

Do not count on it

Apple has been working on the reports, the ability to NFC for quite some time now, with suggestions that its database of credit card numbers could be the beginning of some kind of payment system. But that’s not going to happen tomorrow.

NFC is just set and only Google has released the wallet functionality for a couple of weeks. Apple traditionally does not break ground in those areas so it’s a safe bet that it will wait and see what happens over the next year or two before wading in.

New iTunes
The rumor is that Apple’s engineers are striving to give iTunes a thorough review – but definitely not ready for tomorrow. A new version of iTunes is more likely to be released in 2012.

Steve Jobs
While some have suggested, Steve Jobs, will make an appearance tomorrow is very unlikely.

Apple wants to ensure that investors and customers know that this is now the company Tim Cook – althoughanlysts will be watching closely to see how the company conducts its opening for the first time in a long time without its iconic co-founder.

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