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October 4, 2011 by staff 

Apple Iphone 5 Release DateApple Iphone 5 Release Date, The iPhone 5 release date in 2011 is exclusive to Sprint, Verizon and AT & T to wait until early next year for the device and the solution for the iPhone 4S in the mean time, according to an origin story with BGR and collected at least one mainstream news media.

The news would be great and am in turn, the U.S. market cell in the head, with the weakest Sprint suddenly become Apple’s iPhone carrier of choice, at least for now. The story puts a 4G LTE iPhone coming up five companies to the two existing U.S. iPhone one month from now on only a few, but would give Sprint an unprecedented position to start their debut in iPhone.

As questionable as the story sounds at first glance, it is worth noting that one of our readers reported that an employee of Sprint retail boasted of this situation just a month ago, which is a remarkable coincidence or a secret within the ranks of Sprint. That if the story is accurate, what we will find a way or another in a matter of hours as Apple prepares to take the stage and set the record straight iPhone 5 (hopefully it does not really look like this). But if this is the story is true, the ramifications of the iPhone 5 times is nothing short of stunning …

In just eight months, iPhone & T had all to himself in the United States. When Verizon came on board at the beginning of this year with the iPhone 4, many assumed the “V” big was about to become Apple’s preferred carrier in the U.S. After years of behind the scenes battles and the disappointing progress of the network AT & T, leading to an early end to the original exclusivity agreement. It was not much time, so Sprint and T-Mobile finally enter the fray iPhone, perhaps as soon as the iPhone launch 5. T-Mobile in 2011 took leave saying as much, which could be related to problems of delayed fusion. But these latest claims rather than Sprint in pole position for the iPhone 5 arms race, gaining a head start of at least a few months of its two larger rivals. However, this could be as much to do with technical issues such as favoritism company …

Apple has released a new iPhone every twelve months like clockwork since 2007. When summer came and went with barely a peep from Apple, referred to potential problems with the iPhone market 5 may be delays ranged from 5 IOS development to manufacture hardware or component issues. Sprint and the “WiMAX” HSPA + 4G network may have won the lottery to be the sole beneficiary of the iPhone 5 variant that is not suffering from hardware problems, and so Apple is taking place now, even as the 4G LTE iPhone for Verizon and T 5 AT & needs more work and will have to wait until 2012 before seeing its release date. The iPhone 4S, then, would be less than the replacement of lower prices for the iPhone 4 of an interim arrangement for AT & T and Verizon so no need to continue selling the iPhone 4 for a few months until your iPhone 5 iteration ready for launch.

Therefore, if the iPhone Sprint 5 for 2011 exclusive indeed become the future of truth, what does it mean to you? If you are a customer of Sprint, which has been waiting for the iPhone 5, which has just hit the jackpot. The tens of millions of Verizon and AT & T is looking to buy your first iPhone or upgrade from an aging must decide whether to go with the 4S iPhone now, wait for the iPhone 5 and launch date early 2012 , or pay your early termination fee and jump for the iPhone Sprint 5 now. All this, again, if there is any truth to this statement odd deeply 5 iPhone Sprint exclusivity. But if the hardware problems or manufacturing the inlays are in fact the iPhone 4G LTE iPhone Sprint 5 even HSPA + 5 is ready to go, it could be Apple’s decision has to do in order to maintain at least some of the trains traveling through time. It would also make a fascinating way to deal with Apple to carry each other and win the hand when it comes to controversial issues like the speed of 4G LTE network deployments and the leveling of the mobile data plans, each of which Apple could be seen as believing that slow the evolution of the use of the iPhone.

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