Apollo 18 Secret Moon Mission

September 4, 2011 by USA Post 

Apollo 18 Secret Moon MissionApollo 18 Secret Moon Mission, The new movie “Apollo 18″ is like “The Blair Witch Project” of the movies of space travel, as expressed sequence found dead by NASA astronauts during a secret mission to the moon in 1973. In the story, astronauts encounter hostile aliens moon, chaos ensues and NASA forever silenced the whole thing.

It’s science fiction, of course: History shows that the Apollo 18, along with 19 and 20, was canceled – Apollo 17 was last lunar mission for NASA. However, the new film will surely stoke fires conspiracy about the secret activities of the agency

NASA could have really launched a secret human space flight during the Apollo era, without anyone noticing?  Almost definitely not.

“The development of all the manned program involving 400,000 people, so to cover the whole thing would have to keep everyone calm,” said Craig Nelson, a space historian and author of “The Rocket men: the epic story of First Men in the Moon “(Viking 2009). “Just to send astronauts into the air requires a crew of 300 people. Not only have all of them working as part of NASA, but a large percentage worked for other contractors, which would be hundreds of people keeping a secret forever. ”

According to the records, the number of NASA employees, in fact, was reduced to about 200,000 in 1973, when Apollo 18 was originally scheduled to take off. That is half the peak employment in 1965, but still a large number of people to remain silent, NASA had conducted a secret mission to the moon.

Moreover, Nelson said the space agency that somehow have to silence the millions of people who watched the takeoff of the Saturn 5 rocket (which gave the Apollo moon capsule in space) that left the launch pad Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“There’s no way [NASA] could cover up the launch. We can say that the Air Force was doing, but even so, would completely hide an Apollo mission as a mission of the Air Force satellite, which would be extremely difficult, “Nelson said Maikelnai, a sister site in space.

If NASA were to attempt to launch a secret in the world today, where watchful eyes more and more ways to exchange information, he thinks the space agency would be even less able to conceal from the public launch.

That does not mean that you could not do anything, however.

The “Apollo 18″ trailer includes a passage in which the astronauts communicate with the Department of Defense (DoD), suggesting that is involved in the secret mission. (The astronauts, however, are decked with NASA and the computer to communicate with staff in Houston, the location of the center of NASA’s mission control.)

Filmmakers could be playing off the fact that the program of the Department of Defense space is much more reserved than that of NASA, so the premise a little more conceivable (though even more confusing, too).

“The budget of the Pentagon’s space is much larger than the NASA budget,” said Nelson. “They launch missions all the time and do not reveal almost nothing about it. They have their own launch pad with NASA in Florida and the other launch pad in California.”

The budget of the Department of Defense space now stands at 26 billion and, by comparison, the NASA budget and 18 billion. Most of the funds of the Department of Defense, according to Gregory Schulte, the assistant secretary of defense for space policy, pay for the satellites that help in land navigation, the missile launch detection and precision smart bombs. The network of military satellites also helps relay UAV feeds the troops, and to keep the debris, which can hit satellites.

The satellites are not the whole story when it comes to military space operations, however.

In the last two years, the Pentagon sent two X-37B space plane robots – like miniature space shuttle vehicles – in low Earth orbit. The launches were no secret (the Pentagon has said it could not hide a pitch, though he tried), but everything else on the mission, including what is done and why, are classified.

Nelson says there is no way of knowing whether the Pentagon has launched a manned mission to the moon or otherwise. However, when reached for comment, the Department of Defense spokeswoman April Cunningham wrote in an email: “The Defense Department has launched a manned mission to space.”

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