Another Earth Movie

August 14, 2011 by Post Team 

Another Earth MovieAnother Earth Movie, As the planet of the same name in blue silence dominating the sky, the film’s new heart “Another Land” conveys a world of possibilities and pain.

Written by director Mike Cahill and Brit Marling star, this is a film that rises to meet the large reflective metaphor-size drama. The writers realize that people take in the best possible way, even among the world changing events.

The sudden appearance of a new planet is broken the world Rhoda Williams. Just accepted to MIT, the teenager was heading to his Connecticut home after some party hard when the hip-hop DJ in your car radio announces the discovery. Rhoda looks out his window, scanning the night sky. Your car is moving.

Four years later, she disclosed to a correctional institution, a drunk underage driver who killed a mother and child.

His parents and brother solicitous try to ease their reentry. But as expectations, social skills have withered Rhoda. Even his old bedroom, with its star and mobile networks of the planets seems to be a sensory overload. He moved to a mattress in the attic.

Around her in the living room of his parents, television, lines in stores, Rhoda hears growing speculation about the twin planet. But she walks away. In the workplace, rejecting anything that requires dealing with people, the solution for cleanup work at the local high school.

Then go to Rhoda news about his car accident. The other victim, a Yale music professor John Burroughs played by William Mapother, a long coma. On his website, John is still a smooth songwriter.

When you travel to colonial home in poor condition, however, Rhoda is a different person. She loses her nerve. Instead of apologizing, she poses as a representative of a cleaning service. Even more disconnected from Rhoda, John rejects a free trial and then abruptly changes his mind.

With lots of bottles, dirty dishes, garbage, house battered John expresses his mental state. He has recovered from his physical injuries, but his deeper emotional. Quietly, Rhoda starts cleaning, and trying to redo the house, without realizing it.

Overhead, duplicate Earth waxes and wanes, beautiful or mysterious or threatening, relegating to the moon a star in the sky. As Rhoda walks back and forth, sometimes stopping to look up other human beings busy trying to make contact, even volunteers to send astronauts to the foreign object.

The dream vision of a busy sky has happened to other films. In “The Quiet Earth,” a 1985 film similar speculative, a scientist with the fears of his electro-magnetic company of the project will destroy the world. He may be right, walking on an empty beach to find Saturn crowding the sky, while waterspouts sprout among the waves.

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