Another Earth

July 22, 2011 by Post Team 

Another EarthAnother Earth, So there’s this sad young astrophysicist working, by choice, as a high school janitor. Not coincidentally, that occurs in the home of a careless man, even one that wronged darkest years, although I’ve never met. She offers as a housekeeper. After much cleaning, hesitation they both love, and why not? Both point for hats, sweats wrinkled faces very long. Meanwhile, a new giant planet inhabited by people who look suspiciously like us moving in the frame and stations himself at the side of the Earth, to the evident delight of the evening news. What?

Like many ambitious novice, director Mike Cahill has completed all the movies you always wanted to do, each parallel disparate want to draw in his debut. Salute his courage and passion, and imaginative way neglected gender. Celebrate a new Earth to starlight and see a science fiction fantasy of parallel worlds. Look through a lens grainier, and sees a recovery Sundance melodrama moral and emotional trauma and paralyzing guilt. Both are silly and good.

More than anything, however, another Earth is an impressive business card Brit Marling, who wrote and produced the film with Cahill, a classmate from Georgetown University. Marling also steals the film as Rhoda Williams, a budding scientist whose four years in prison season of a terrible crime has left paralyzed by guilt and in her opinion, good for nothing but cleaning toilets in the school.

Marling is blonde and beautiful, and she has noticed in Hollywood, where it is already chosen to play opposite Richard Gere in a thriller. With a little luck to beat off all file requests for their molars, tweeze your eyebrows gloriously unattended or baggy sweats sneak. A fierce intelligence shines of delicate features, as Rhoda, Marling quiet desperation gives a good name.

Marling brings a premise that are there feet on the ground with her sublime implicit invocation of a woman crawling through a life derailed by a tragic mistake. Bombarded and fragile though it is, Rhoda grows prohibitively steep joined the John Burroughs (William Mapother, freed from bad boy and it is clear that the duty of love), a composer of avant-garde music, which seems like undone by his past like her. That tips their caps and start dressing like real people. Early in his bed, washed the film warm color palette in waves, music is played in the space of a chainsaw, and love promises to purge both their hearts and minds of the toxic matter.

Until, Rhoda spills the beans. It would take a spare planet to fix the mess that follows, but not have to share Cahill and taste the mixture Marling disaster and ecstasy fascinated by that beats the alternative land in sight, accompanied by a score of heavenly Fall British duo on her sword. The planet will have a crucial turning point in Rhoda and John’s life, but most just hangs in the sky, a place of enchantment rather than a threat, and promising all kinds of renovation.

Another Earth is littered with wreckage unnecessary voice-over philosophy of real-life scientist and a goalkeeper Richard Berendzen elderly (Kumar Pallana) who dispenses wisdom enema every time he opens his mouth. Just looking at Marling and the world is a delight bright enough, but for the New World represents Rhoda repair and the possibility of escape from her pain and guilt. A ticket to fly lands on your lap, and she must decide whether to use or face the music inside. How the development of events is not as obvious as it sounds, but is strangely satisfying to know that one of the lovers win balm for the soul, while the other earns most of us need – a meeting with a better car.

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