Anne Hathaway Scandal

November 21, 2010 by Post Team 

Anne Hathaway Scandal, Woods Backed to public consciousness on Thursday to finish a modest media blitz that included a radio interview of large-scale restoration of a Twitter account, long inactive, and an essay in Newsweek. It was not exactly Michael Corleone compensation to the heads of other families in New York, but Woods accomplished what he probably decided to do: He grabbed a hold-well, a tenuous one of the media storm that not fail to follow the one-year anniversary of the car crash that launched the approach of a mile mistresses. Anyone penning an article on Woods in the coming days will now most likely to address the Newsweek article or radio interview, which was quite favorable towards Woods (article especially since the radio spot, of course, that Woods wrote himself). But beyond that, will this strategy work?
The radio interview offered some sound bites contrite fit perfectly in the ESPN Bottom Line crawl, but the place itself was a sort of banal and stayed away from the juicy details from the public was probably the hope of. Newsweek’s piece, revealing very little, but at least honest and introspective, is actually difficult to find on the magazine’s website. It is not on the home screen, it is not in the top-10 search results for “Tiger Woods” on the site and the “Popular on Newsweek list on the side, it is found beaten by “Who wants to see Anne Hathaway’s b88bs?” and “What you should know about shooting a sex scene.”

So that leaves us with Twitter. After spending the first and necessary “Hi everybody!” Update, it is now comment on how it is nice to be able to wear shorts during radio interviews. (“As a regular guy,” Michael Grange of The Globe and Mail wrote, perhaps with some sarcasm, “I am officially related.”) Woods most likely will not follow the path of the last great athlete to cause a stir by launching a Twitter account, LeBron James said on October 19 famous “Hater Day”, for example, but James, to his credit, interacts with fans and seems to be just a regular guy. He gives updates as he watches football games, sharing pictures with fans and usually releases normality.’s Jason Sobel said that Woods, as an extension of this effort to regain the admiration of the public should follow the example of golfers like Ian Poulter and Stewart Cink and embrace the phenomenon. “Answering questions from fans – and not just one word answers. Post some pictures. Telling a joke. Everything, really, that causes an emotional response should be considered a positive at this stage”, writes Sobel. “Woods is now arming them with the necessary artillery to show he is a human being with thoughts and feelings rather than the controller that we have so often seen on golf courses and in front of microphones “.

Darren Rovell CNBC said that if Twitter can help fans get closer to Woods and perhaps open doors to compensate for the three major donors that he lost in the wake of the scandal, he can not just put pictures of her lunch and chat about anything. “The fact that LeBron James picked up 500,000 faithful in its first week on Twitter is not said,” Rovell writes. “The fact that it took 122 days for the next 500,000 followers might suggest that James does not provide what people want to see him. The true measure of whether Woods is good to twitter is how many followers he has in the beginning of the game next year. ”

Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez, the record of 13-12, received the American League CY Young Award on Thursday, beating Tampa Bay, David Price (19 wins) and New York CC Sabathia (21 wins). It was a bit of a victory for those praising the insignificance of wins pitcher. Hernandez, despite a low total gain, led the league in ERA and innings pitched and was second at bat, but many of the best baseball writers were quick to point out that it was not as to earn advanced stats as Xera or dips.

“There is not a newfangled statistics in there, not a single mouthful of alphabet soup indecipherable needed to advocate for Hernandez,” Jeff Passan writes Yahoo. “Sometimes, a pitcher is capable of being the best in his profession and do not win victories because of inadequate around him.”

“The numbers clearly indicated that Felix had a great year, but other pitchers have been very similar,” writes Joe Posnanski. “It was not weird acronyms that won the Cy Young Felix but things like ERA and strikeouts, you know, the stuff about as old as baseball.”

On Wednesday, the Carolina Hurricanes traded defenseman Anton Babchuk and forward Tom Kostopoulos to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Ian White and forward Brett Sutter. On paper, there is not much to trade. But there’s a little fun twist here lies beneath the surface: the CEO of Calgary is Darryl Sutter, the father of Brett. “He was professional,” Brett told the National Post Vicki Hall in the description of the conversation. “It was not the father-son at all. It was GM-player.”

The Washington Post Cindy Boren said that although the “Sutter Sutter Trades” global may seem like a blow against nepotism, it’s really just a piece of a puzzle more Sutter in the NHL. “[Darryl Sutter] not hire his brother to his coach, which means that Brett was the nephew of the coach, too. Carolina, Brett will join his younger cousin, the assistant captain Brandon Sutter, who is the son of Brent, “Boren wrote.” Frankly, trying to keep track of the Sutters hockey will make your hair hurt. ”

Kurt Warner celebrates worked in a grocery store. Tommy Maddox made his way back from the XFL. But neither can hold a candle to the new Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Brian St. Pierre, who was signed to the practice squad last week and will be immersed in the action Sunday. “A week ago I was at home just hanging out,” said Saint-Pierre-Joseph-person Charlotte Observer. Former Boston College quarterback, who had stints with the Steelers and the Ravens, had the intention to enter the television. Now it is the starting quarterback for the Panthers. Not everyone has fun.

“St. Pierre has not played football all season,” Observer Tom Sorensen writes. “Once a week he visited his former school, St. John’s Preparatory in Danvers, Massachusetts after practice and worked with the receivers. He is a father changing a diaper in his house in the suburbs of Boston when the phone rings. ”

If Carolina beats actually the Ravens on Sunday with a quarterback who was a stay-at-home dad a week ago, third-string running back and receiving corps featuring Steve Smith and a group of recruits, it could be one of the biggest upsets in the NFL in recent memory.

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