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Andi Eigenmann Albie CasinoAndi Eigenmann Albie Casino, Andi Eigenmann, 20, is four months pregnant. Her mother confirmed Jaclyn Jose. She is the second daughter of Mark Gil, who is infanticipating. Maxine Eigenmann, daughter of Mark with Bing Pimentel and her sister Sid Lucero (Timothy Eigenmann in real life), is also preggy. The father is 17 years old, Casino Albie, who is best known for “Mara Clara.” Now paired with Kathryn Bernardo in the film they are doing with Julia Montes. This absolves Jake Ejercito, son of ex-Pres. Laarni Enriquez and Joseph Estrada who was earlier suspected to be the father.

Andi was given a lot of good opportunities for ABS-CBN. That her greatest success when he performed two roles in “Holy Water” and was given its own season in the Sunday program “Your Song Presents Andi.” Now he stars with Coco Martin in “Mins Lang Kita Iibigin.” We just don ‘know what they will do with her character there when your belly bulges markedly. It will definitely be replaced Regal Metro Filmfest entry, “Ho-a-tay”, which is supposed to play one of the five daughters of Gloria Diaz. Andi has a lot of endorsements and we are confident that this will be affected by pregnancy. Usually, contracts have clauses that indicate that the ads are not supposed to be preggy, so we do not know what will happen to it now. We will congratulate him on her choice not to abort the child even after she had a messy breakup with Albie was on Twitter for a while.

Mariano Rivera refuses to answer if she is still in favor of BF DingDong Dantes Heart Evangelista to be the protagonist in her next telenovela, “Attic Cat”.

“Huwag Na nating healthy kasi dito isali if Hindi naman Dong siya ng part of” Temptation Island “,” she says. “Dahil wala siya naman Kawawa rin nangyari sa SA kinalaman Siyang amin.”

DingDong refuses to make any comment when asked about the opinion of Ian Dong-fans that they should not agree to work with the heart. “Huwag nyo Na lang ako ng Diyan Hingan reaction. What I would say that tiyak Na lang palalakihin so it is better to remain silent.”

Geoff Eigenmann is taking a break as “Magic Palayok” ends tonight. “It will be an exciting final for the spectators should not miss the final.” What’s next for him?

“I’m not sure yet. Baka another teleserye or a reality show, Hindi muna But if Carla (Abellana) KO ang makakasama as she is busy filming three movies now.” He has no idea what the teleserye could be, but we have heard that could be the remake of the Korean-rom COM “Attic Cat”, designed to DingDong Dantes and Evangelist heart. But since DingDong already said it would not, then it could be offered to Geoff. If ever, this is the first time that GMA would be linked in after making “Hiram” and “Hiram na Mukha” on ABS-CBN. As for the reality show could be the new celebrity edition of “Survivor Philippines”. “I’m not sure kung yun nga,” he says. But if it’s “Survivor,” are you willing to do it and stay on an island for 45 days? “Yes, why not. Naman I’m adventurous. But nothing is safe from now.”

His mother, Gina Alajar, is one of the most hated women on television today in her role in Lamitan “Amaya”, “I’m so proud of her. This means it is very effective in its interpretation.”

His cousin Sid Lucero is winning an award for best actor after another in the indie filmmaking? “I’m willing to do independent films too, but yata indie directors that I am not available.” Can you do what Sid does not like to do n*de scenes and love scenes gay? “Okay lang sa’kin, provided the project is good at Maganda yung role Talaga.”

ALDEN Richards is a very fortunate. He Starstruck test before and did not qualify. Now, he is busier than they have won Starstruck after being chosen to play starring Luisa de los Reyes “in” Alakdana. “Also in the film Tween Stars” tweens Academy 2012 “, where it combines with Louise again.

Not only that, which just won Best Newcomer most striking of the first Phil Yahoo, GM Awards. “I started with TV commercials,” he says. “Sa ‘Alakdana’ annoys lang ako sa foot in hearing. After two days, I learned ako’ng Napili, so it’s really a great blessing. Dream KO kasi ang mag-artist my mom would say, Parang ‘ Gusto KO, Anak kita mapanood sumikat SA TV ka. Nagdilang Anghel siya but died without seeing me Na Na artist. Sobrang pasasalamat ng KO ng tao ang kagatin ‘Alakdana “so Heto, Tuloy Na ang Tuluy career-ko Ngayon.

The actor of 18 years signed a 5-year contract with GMA and now with GMA Artist Center. The first thing he did with his earnings to buy a second hand car. “Kasi live in Santa Rosa, Laguna de Dati, just take public transport when GM reported SA. Sanay Akong mag-bus, but now the driver cans Na rin ako Na ako para SA pag pagoda recording or filming Na di pa ako mag-drive. ”

He joined the male beauty pageant and won Ginoong Sta Rosa Laguna Ginoong in 2009 and 2010. His mestizo good looks is certainly heartthrob material. Now is also helping to send their younger siblings to school. “Siyempre, I have to share my blessings with my family.”

We ended up in the Festival of Tacloban City Sangyaw fabulous at the invitation of Mayor Alfred Romualdez and Kring Kring Gonzales’ First Lady, Cristina counselor. We arrived there with other writer friends on Tuesday and stayed at the beautiful Hotel Leyte Park overlooking the sea to the island of Samar.

In the afternoon, Senator and Congressman Bongbong Marcos Fernando Martin Romualdez joined our group. Toto vocalist Bobby Kimball Tacloban Astrodome, which was not as impressive of the night was easily stolen from him by the Filipino band called Zoo, which is definitely better, treated us to a concert. The show definitely got a big boost when Kring Kring was called to the stage and sang “Twist and Shout” with them.

This was a great crowdpleaser Kring and Kring was applauded heartily by the crowd. It is easy to see the people of Tacloban love.

The next day was the parade Sangyaw day with various government and participating merchants. The largest group was the Liga ng Barangay. We saw 14 different contingents of barangays and schools competing. We were sitting in the stands, so we got a good view of them.

Competitors called Tribes: Kandis, Palanog, Kaurus, Seven Quatro, Karisyuhan, Boboli, Himaya-on Mananguete, Sirum, Tuway, Kinarawgan, Mag-Uruma, Marayhak, Magtarabo, Maglalara, and Fatima. All the dancers were dressed in colorful costumes and danced with great gusto and enthusiasm. The most impressive performances were those of the Mananguete (also winner of last year) and Maglalara.

We asked Mayor Alfred what really happened before, when parade organized by a rival group headed by the governor was apparently interrupted by it. This was published in some newspapers. “Cebu, Iloilo and Davao have their own parties as Sinulog, Dinagyang and Kadayawan.

Sangyaw is Tacloban and our patron, the Sto. Nino, “he said.” But the provincial government put its own parade.

We have long been trying to convince them to join us just because you see the division if we have separate parties. Even the church is saying that we have only festival every June 29 as the current party is June 30, but refuse to do so. For her show, who asked permission to only a few days before it took place and gave them the same permission as requested last year. But they wanted a different route. Tacloban City is an independent government under the code; you can simply close all major roads for them. When her wish was not granted, he crashed against the barriers that hold what might happen. It’s really sad that this had to happen. “

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