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Anderson Cooper Talk ShowAnderson Cooper Talk Show, Spell, if you will, a model of accommodation that is the very antithesis of Oprah. It would be a man, obviously. Kabuki-skinned. The albino white hair. Thin as a bullfighter. Raised in privileged circumstances in Manhattan in a family with old ties of money. Ivy League educated.

We’ve got your man sprint world CNN and “60 Minutes” contributor Anderson Cooper.

But to the surprise of many huge, he’s doing a great job, to fill the void left by Miss O with her new daytime talk show, Anderson. While continuing all hard news duties.

Several questions immediately throw their hands, screaming for an answer.

Dan How to handle this generation but the rate of soda, which is part showbizzy chat format?

Monstrously good. You may be surprised to know that Cooper is a pop-culture omnivore.

That part of his temperament has become in recent years only.

“I started to replace Regis (” Live! With Regis and Kelly “), and I did some things Oprah,” says Cooper, 44. “And I realized I liked the variety of issues, the enthusiasm of the audience, and the fun you can have on a daily basis. I started to show my personality in a less formal.”

“So many people know him as the champion of the people who have no voice,” says Kelly Ripa. “When he started to accept me, who took the side of it irreverent.”

Cooper Executive Producer, Cathy Chermol Schrijver, says: “When we started talking about this program and its development, anyone who had seen him in” Regis and Kelly ‘said,’ Really? For the day? “It just does not seem the natural choice.

“But it’s so well versed in everything, including pop culture. He knows more about” The Real Housewives “I think so.”

The other question that need attention: How in the world do you find time to attend to all your jobs? There is no “Anderson” weekdays in syndication, “Anderson Cooper 360 °” on CNN weekdays, and a recently increased workload on “60 Minutes” on CBS.

TV is a good thing, does not have many openings in the night shift.

“He has a heavy agenda, obviously,” said Hilary Estey McLoughlin, president of Telepictures Productions, which the unions “Anderson”, giving new meaning to the word understatement. “It has been very good management. It has one of the best work ethics I’ve ever seen.”

“It takes incredible discipline,” says Schrijver Chermol. “And he has it. If not, this would not work. Never. It has an incredible ability to do this and the news program 60 Minutes packages.

“I asked, ‘When will you get that?’ He said, ‘I do a lot of ’60 Minutes’ on the weekends because it involves travel to other parts of the world. ” I was like, ‘Oh well, of course. It’s just a plane ride of 18 hours. ”

Very well, Anderson. You can see where it leads. Are you a workaholic?

“I do not know what that means,” he says sharply. “I see what I do as a job. It is an extension of the things I’m passionate about and interested in. If it sees as a job, I do not think I can do everything I do.”

Just so you know, AC, which is the same every rationalization workaholic trots out.

“I’m probably a” he admits. “But it feels heavy.”

The talk-show format has afforded him a welcome balance to the information about the disasters that has become famous.

“What I like about going to a news story, especially going to a place (where) something important has happened,” he says. “There are people that theoretical discussions. It’s real life.

“During the day you can do a lot of issues that, although it may not make headlines, they really do resonate with people and impact their lives. That is very satisfying for me, professionally and personally.”

Cooper has a remarkable facility to switch between your two characters.

“It’s a true story,” says Schrijver Chermol. “We are talking about the series, and in Somalia. He says,” Wait, I have to do a straight shot. “I have CNN on my office and see it do a standup live in Somalia, and then lays back on the phone with me to talk about Sarah Jessica Parker. And he scored a 10 out of 10 in each. ”

At least, it saves time on your trip. “Anderson” is shot in an impressive study of chrome and light wood, with a panoramic view of Central Park South.

His “AC360?” Is shot in the same building overlooking Columbus Circle Manhattan.

In one of his most exciting performances to date, it had on her mother, heiress and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, to discuss suicide in 1988 of an older brother Cooper, Carter.

As a lifelong New Yorker with a distinctive appearance that are advertised from about two blocks away, the reporter’s degree is recognized and acclaimed wherever he goes, in Manhattan.

“Do not bother me,” he says. “It seems silly to complain. I do not really think of myself as a public person. Not benefit me in my work.”

“One of the things about Anderson,” Ripa said, “is that it’s sxy without trying. That’s a home run.”

Many people find ambiguous sexual attractiveness.

Very well, Anderson. You can see where it leads. Are you gay or are you straight?

“It’s understandable that people are interested,” he says, laughing. “We live in a time when everyone likes to talk about people they see on television. The Internet no doubt contributes to this.

“I understand the curiosity,” he continues. “I’ve always taken the position that my sex life is nobody’s business. It has nothing to do with the way I do my job.”

That last word should not hesitate to be plural. In any case, you are doing the latter quite well, thank you.

Despite an air reserve established, take the time to connect with people in the studio audience, and ran through the halls in the style of Phil Donahue and fielding questions from the crowd during breaks.

A Canadian woman asks if he will wear a motorcycle helmet if you send one. Cooper sparked a debate on security due to the opening collage Anderson shows her bicycle in the streets of Manhattan with her head uncovered. (Actually is their preferred mode of transport. No baby limousine him.)

“I bought a helmet around,” he says. “If I ever find one that does not make my head look like a sperm, I’ll buy.”

After a pause he adds: “Of course I know that a breathing tube is not very flattering, either.”

Why do we think that while Cooper was affected by a Brinks truck, which still would find a way to do two shows the next day?

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