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October 20, 2011 by staff 

An American Horror StoryAn American Horror Story, American Horror Story presented an argument in “Murder House” which was more incredible than any tale of ghosts and haunting basement: there is no doctor in the history of mankind would never tell a patient that can not move because she is pregnant.

I know this FX drama had to answer the question of why not just left Harmon, but both the reasons he felt like a jerk. There was a rebel council, inadequate medical, and then there was the admission of Ben’s money is tied to the family’s home.

You can not move unless they sell .. and good luck selling the star attraction of the tour murder of Hollywood!

Of course, that’s a small complaint for a show that is not asking the audience to buy into their decision of reality. It only asks us to strap on a bloody, mysterious ride, full of suspense. And that was not hard to do here.

We have learned much more about the property and her family, including the kind of story that many had been waiting for Moira Constance warned the pilot of killing again. Yes, apparently they did. Before, when Constance married (and lived in the house?) And Moira Ben was young enough at present its views as.

So this makes the modern version of some kind of appearance Moira, but not a happy ending. She did not want to be in this world. She is being punished for their sins, in some way. That is being forced to stay alive, remain a maid, and stay in touch with the woman who shot him. The same can be said about Larry Denis O’Hare, right?

But there is a difference between these two: I’m operating under the assumption that nobody can see except Larry Ben. There is something Sixth Sense-ish going on here. Think about it: Ben only Moira Sees Before she died as she was, and I like Larry Sees Mostly-burned shell of a human being. We have seen no one speak to Larry? Recognize it? Give any look strange when Ben goes to this man disfigured in the park? No.

Larry literally killed his wife and daughter, while Ben is in a figurative sense to do so through lies, deceit and the most important issues. That makes for an interesting couple, paranormal.

Vivien, meanwhile, this week interacted with the ghost of a woman with whom he shares a similar history of reproductive problems. No, it is heartening to abort fetuses Ben live in the basement, and I can not say for sure what is really going on here, but it is worth noting the connections between the unusual visitors, both Ben and his wife have fun.

In general, for the second week in a row, American Horror Story put to rest my fears that this show simply aspire to be strange for the sake of being weird. Explanations are given (the ghosts in the basement of infants and children are dead? Creepy.) And the main characters take place. Ben Harmon is a serious individual effed up, digging a deeper hole for himself than the one in which he buried his former lover.

I was pregnant, too, of course. We can now expect to be haunted gazebo? Unborn children do not like being killed in this program. It might want to plan picnics many out there, Harmon.

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