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September 27, 2010 by Post Team 

Amityville Horror, The 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror was a somewhat surprising commercial success. Despite worldwide and grossed over $ 100 million, the modestly budgeted horror film did not provoke a renaissance of the franchise. To see the film in the package the newly released two albums Blu-ray/DVD combo is not difficult to see why. There are a handful of effective creepy moments and a good change of pace turn to Ryan Reynolds. Otherwise there is little reason to recommend this.

The story is painfully simple, which is part of the problem. Set in 1975, the Lutz family moved into a very old house in Amityville, New York. Last year, the same house was the scene of a series of gruesome murders. The previous owner went crazy and killed his family. Scared, but undeterred, the Lutz bought the house knowing the horror that had happened. In less than a month demon haunted house takes possession of George Lutz (Ryan Reynolds), making it a deranged psychopath. Not much more than that.

Kathy Lutz (Melissa George) it took to realize her husband is missing. The whole situation is more evident to the three children Lutz, recording the changes more quickly. The once amiable George becomes more threatening and unpredictable in their behavior toward them. Chelsea (Kick-Ass Chloe Moretz), the youngest Lutz, has an imaginary friend named Jody, who turns out to have been a victim of murder.

Not much happens to build suspense, which the 89 minutes to drag more than a little. The filmmakers seemed to bank on creating an environment increasingly cold. At least, produced a very effective performance of Reynolds, which makes a very credible good boy become crazy. Philip Baker Hall phones in a supporting role as a priest called to help deal with troublesome spirits haunting the house.

The Amityville Horror looks great in Blu-ray, and to consider how relatively recently the film was made. The 1080p AVC encoded transfer is razor sharp. The film mostly night scenes, but the details are not sacrificed, no matter how obscure. Black levels are very solid. The overall color palette is rather limited at all, but the browns and yellows humidity are well represented. We detected no visual artifacts of any kind.

The soundtrack is presented in 5.1 audio lossless DTS-HD Master. Sounds great, with plenty of cheap shots to accentuate strong fear. It would be nice if the movie was truly awful, but the audio can not be blamed. Many of the subtle effects are clearly audible in the speakers, creating a rich atmosphere creepy. The dialogue is well focused and always intelligible, even in stronger, the rain-drenched scenes.

There are no special features included in the Blu-ray. For those wanting more, this pack includes two-disc standard DVD combo too. Several additional features can be found on that disk. The commentary features the film’s producers with the star Ryan Reynolds. This is a relatively dry, dull track, with a more focused discussion on practical aspects of the process of carrying out the creative side of things. A series of deleted scenes with optional audio feedback from the participants, do not reveal much of interest. A few relatively superficial films produced in the fiction and the reality behind the origins of the story.

The 2005 version of The Amityville Horror is not classic, but again was not the original 1979 lead. In any case, the latest version is more entertaining. Ryan Reynolds does a respectable job as a psychopath. Melissa George looks good in tight outfits in 1970 (but unfortunately, despite the R rating, never nkd). In any case, this should be a rent instead of buying one.

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