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November 17, 2011 by staff 

America’s Next Top Model, The girls have to judge themselves and model like Greek goddesses. We return to Greece, filled with stereotypical grainy promotional shots. I’m not sure why ANTM likes using tourism videos, but they stick out like a sore thumb.

Dominique was happy that she was the dark horse even though she had the top photo last week. Since her season, Dominique has evolved. She is now playing for her children. Angelea was worried that she was in the bottom so much, because she doubted herself. Lisa realized that Allison is the biggest competition, even though Lisa thought Allison looked dead in shots.

Angelea talked to Laura about being top three/two in their seasons didn’t determine their presence on the show. I think Angelea needed to realize she was technically tied for fourth. Angelea was buckling under the pressure of the show. The girls received a Tyra Mail to meet with the judges. The girls met with Miss J and explained that the girls would have a casting. The girls would judge each other as a twist. Miss J pointed out the girls had to give and take criticism.

Each of the girls had three sections: walking, portfolio, and a Q&A portion. The girls started walking and each girl had generally negative comments about each other. There were obvious critiques like Allison having very awkward walking abilities. None of them really understood that her walking was intentionally quirky. They followed with a photo evaluation where Laura was told her NeNe shot was awful. They then asked the girls who they thought wouldn’t win. Laura, Allison, and Lisa gave the diplomatic answer of no one should be eliminated. Unlike the other political girls, Dominique decided to actually say a name: Angelea. Angelea threw her arms up a bit upset, but Dominique thought she wanted to push Angelea further. Laura decided to chime in and call her guarded. Lisa called her a ticking time bomb in interviews, but in person complained about how her brand was confusing. Laura got angry and wanted Angelea to succeed. Miss J decided to talk out the issues and put her on the spotlight. Angelea got upset and started to do the hand-clap emphasizing of words. She stormed off.

After the commercial break, Angelea didn’t get the supportive love of the contestants. Dominique didn’t think she was ready to be a Top Model yet. Miss J talked to Angelea and calmed her down. She returned to the competition and Miss J continued to ask who thought should win, Angelea didn’t think anyone would win. Miss J then told the girls to grade each other. Angelea was upset, but mostly with Laura, Lisa, and Dominique. Miss J announced the overall weakest was Allison; Angelea was shocked because of the drama she expected to be in the bottom. Laura was announced as the strongest. Miss J announced that all the girls would have a VIP party to de-stress.

Twylem Pyper came to pick up the girls on a yacht and the girls talked to Twylem about how hard the challenges were. The girls followed their Yacht ride with open swimming time. Dominique, Angelea, and Laura were a bit nervous about getting into the water. Laura was scared of the water after her season with the underwater photo shoot. It made her even more paranoid than normal. The girls went to party and Twyla was drinking like crazy. She attempted to get Allison to drink and Allison threw it over her shoulder. What a waste of alcohol. Lisa, after going to Celebrity Rehab, knew she shouldn’t drink. Angelea was still unsure about herself blocking all her motivation.

The girls got a Tyra Mail and it was a photo of an ancient Greek painting. The girls arrive at the beautiful photo shoot and Jay told the girls that they would be using fashion accessories that tie in with classic Greek Olympics. The photographer this week was judge Nigel Barker and the girls were even more nervous about impressing their judge. One aspect Nigel was looking for was athleticism. The girls went to hair and makeup. Lisa was given a mohawk. Dominique was first and given the javelin and was warned not to throw it into the poor crew. In a funny moment, Dominique pronounced her item as a “Javin.” Dominique was told to be more graceful in her shots. Nigel thought that her character was a question. Allison was given a purse to be a discus; she was worried about overanalyzing in her head. Nigel told her to be like the goddess of wind. He stopped her for looking like she was hailing a cab. She was told to slow down and she improved.

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