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America's Next Top ModelAmerica’s Next Top Model, Travel Brittani in the following model of “America’s Top was frequently praised for her photographs striking and secure gateway, but the 19-year-old suffered a setback when he was criticized by the group to express their dissatisfaction with the model of co-Alexandria before customer. However, the student of The Hague Creek emerged stronger than ever, delivering stunning images and a bubbly CoverGirl commercial, which ultimately led to her second place by beating Molly the grand prize. She picked representation with IMG, a CoverGirl contract, a spread in Vogue Italia, the cover of its fashion and beauty supplement a feature on its website. This is what he told us about the whole experience …

Congratulations! How do you feel now you can tell everyone and celebrate with friends and family?
“It’s a relief! Has been fun to get all the publicity and interviews, so I’m very excited and having a great time.”

How did your mother react to the news?
“She was so excited and very proud of me. She learned to see the show like everyone else while I was in New York. I’m not sure what her reaction was real, but she called me and was very happy and everything. My whole family came to my small town and celebrated afterwards. ”

How does it feel to enter the final panel with Molly? You were two strong competitors …
“We were so neck and neck. Definitely I felt like I had gone either way. We reached the final of the panel and, of course, we were both nervous, and I thought that Molly might have had an advantage over me because of the first pictures. My overall average call-out was greater than hers and I’m better on the track, but she is so good at taking pictures and I definitely felt like I wanted to look at IMG. It was so close that none of us had any idea. ”

You had a fall on the track. Did you worry that could affect their chances of winning?
“As soon as that happened I was like, ‘Well, I guess Molly just won. I can not win if I fell on the catwalk.” I was so happy that I looked like, ‘Hey, what happened, but that happens to a lot of models and returned with a smile on your face. ” I felt relieved that I do not really do much. ”

It looked very painful …
“I have a scar that will be there for the rest of my life on my wrist. If I had not used my hand and arm to catch myself probably would have had a concussion and probably would not be able to model for me the face would have been destroyed. I sprained my ankle a little, but that was not very serious, it was just pain and swelling a bit so that enveloped him for me so that I could keep going. ”

There was also the incident in the panel over Alexandria. It was long ago and had passed it, but do not worry it could be a factor in who won?
“Not really, to be honest. I had a moment in which he fell in her eyes and felt I had a bad attitude when it was actually a misunderstood situation. Molly has also been criticized for the attitude of the poor often they were even in playgrounds as far as’ what girl has the worst attitude problem. Mine was really a misunderstanding. People back home and friends at school say it was never the girl who started the fights. That’s not what I am. I have an opinion and I’m passionate about things and say what I think and be real with people; I can not stand people who are false is the only thing in life I’ll never be well with him and I was Alexandria a fake person and lack of respect for many of the people who worked with and was tired of pointing out that no. Every time we faced when we were all talking about it, no one said anything really. Molly sat shaking her head like, ‘you go girl. I was the voice of the pack and took one for the team. Honestly, I thought I was going home that night. I did not know how to handle it at all because I was not expecting to Nigel and throw me on the bus … ”

That was unexpected …
. “When I came to the panel that is pumped and I thought I had done a photo shoot very well, because I had a great response from Mr. Jay tells me I did awesome Everything was fine, nobody was talking to Lex – Lex was by herself and everyone else, but that’s more or less as it ever was. The kind of caught me that way I was so shocked and did not know what to do I sent in a panic attack and could not breathe. It is a horrible time I thought it was the end of the road for me. ”

How are you and Alexandria now?
“We’re civil, we’re good. I called her after he left the air to see how she was holding and we talked a little. What you saw on the show after blow until they get along and that’s what it really was – there times when we take and we speak now and I’m sure that someday, when we are in the same city, have lunch and catch up. ”

What is the immediate step for you as next top model in the U.S.?
“My first job I’m very excited about the Italian Vogue shoot next. I’m excited because I get to travel to Paris! My first time leaving the country was in the show to go to Morocco, so many new features. I’m so excited see the world and rock the fashion industry, I hope. I’m so excited to get started! ”

Molly told us that you are moving in together …
“We are. We are having so much fun! Really do not know how it happened. We will automatically bonded over the show and to go through the competition together, it was almost like we had each other’s support, especially during the last days some when we were cranky and miserable. If one of us was low, so we try to help each other, not really that we were supposed to be doing that. We were competitors, but friends at the same time. We’ll have a great time in New York … I think it all came after the show as each text message to another and said: “We’re both moving and do amazing things so let’s live together”. We made a weekend trip to find our area and a couple of weeks we’re going to find our apartment and moved in in July. ”

Ann got to meet last cycle winner on the track. Do you offer advice on the industry or what happens next?
“When I met her she was talking about the final parade and was more of a chill session where we met and spoke to our tastes, differences … She never really said what he was doing in the United States next top model and I would like to have because I would have liked heads-up! At that moment I knew I would win, so I did not want to do, and I was not sure what I should ask her. I am also a type at the time, the person I met when I was focusing on the catwalk … She is very down to earth and someone cool. I’ll send a text so they can ask questions like, ‘what will? Do you recommend? IMG How? I’ve been in touch with her and Jane’s last cycle, which is signed by IMG as well, so I’ve been getting a little advice from them in regard to moving to the area. I have given very good reviews with IMG, and am doing a great job and do amazing things. ”

Will you keep your hair short?
“I’ve had from the panel and I like it. I think it’s funny and edgy and gives me something that I had before. Ivan IMG said after winning that we would reevaluate my hair situation in six months we will take it from there. It can be short or grow it long, kind of depends on how I want to market and what you want to do. All I can do my hair grow so fast, so it will be short for a while. ”

It looks so good. Not many people can carry it out …
“That’s what worried me when I say! I was like, ‘this is the worst time of my life. I just fell on the track, I miss my mother and now intend to cut hair in one of the most someone cuts can be crazy? Not be able to pull this off! “Then they cut it and I felt so relieved. I felt like a million dollars, almost more expensive looking, model type and more and more daring.”

What kind of response have you had from the fans that watch the show?
“My line fan base is crazy I have a fan page on Facebook that I and my mother to run and there are over 8,000 fans there giving me support and made me birthday cards and videos and take pictures with me and that and post them there. It’s so cool because they are all around the world, most of my fans are from the Philippines and thought I was crazy … I love being able to kind of be a role model for girls younger or anyone in general you! Can look at me and be a model too. If you’ve ever struggled with anything and you had a dream, do it. Only have one life and you have to do what they want with it. While you try and put your mind to it and believe in yourself, anything can happen. I’m living proof of that because I did not expect this to happen. Do not give up and now I’m on my way. “

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