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April 28, 2011 by Post Team 

American Idol Voting, And then there were six in the world’s largest competition and lyrics, American Idol. After losing two men in a row, is the last remaining women continue to win the hearts of America enough to stay? We’ll see. And once again we are stuck doing only an interpreter throughout the night – Carole King. While the pop legend has a large catalog,

why pigeonhole them and the public to hear all these songs? I have what you need to challenge them with something out of the box, “but what about more and more modern? Something that today’s hearing concern, not the 50 + demographic. I guess I am.

With only six remaining is getting to the point that a scam may cost them the whole thing, so let’s get to it. Jacob Lusk – If you read my reviews regularly know what I will say it is no surprise. I get bored with Jacob. Totally boring. It was for me the construction of a good time and her performance of King “Oh No, Not My Baby” only reaffirmed. I’m not saying he cannot sing or cannot sing the song good or not good for him or that he has a mastery of her voice that is unique in the competition at this time. I’m saying it’s boring. I see and I want to change channels. The first time was on the stage of the competition at the beginning and in the period prior to the final I loved him, thought he was an early favorite, but obviously I’m not the only one who thinks the same of him when he has been in the bottom of the last two weeks. I expected to see him there again. Grade: C

Alaina Lauren – I know the judges and producers are helping with the songs of this year’s love Lauren, but I’m starting to sour on it. I do not know what it is, but I just can not get behind the movements of cheese and constantly changing her style from country to adult contemporary and vice versa. I do not think you are ready to be voted all but I do not see going toe to toe against the likes of James and Casey. She is not as good as any of Haley, but the fans seem to like it more for whatever reason. His version of King “Where You Lead” did nothing for me. Yes, she was there pulling the children on stage and move and it was cute, but the song was a bit boring. I was waiting for it to end. And nobody can give a decent review? J. Lo and Steven just talking about how good they are or whatever, and Randy said he was bored and still gave him mad props. What the hell? Grade: C

Scotty McCreery – Hmmm well this is an interesting option for Scotty. After a mediocre performance last week was waiting to go full force and belt something joyful and exciting. Instead we have the king “You have a friend who was anything but optimistic and exciting. Until last week, Scotty was winning the fight in the program by simply choosing the right songs, sometimes half the battle. I do not think this made the action film Alfred E. Newman disservice. He can sing, do not misunderstand me. He has a hell of a voice, but I think it would have been better more optimistic for voting bloc. Grade: C +

James Durbin – What? No band’s music? Damn I was hoping it would be a regular feature with James, but that’s OK, I think it went very well with the king of “Do you still love me tomorrow?” While it is different from its regular price of blasting out, it worked in 60 exciting atmosphere mixed with the ability to James for everything he sings into the modern era. I liked it. It lowered the tone of her blockbuster action last week but still shows he can sing the phone book and make it interesting. That’s the key difference between James and Jacob. James makes it fun and put a good show every week. Both can sing, but this difference is what will decide who stays longer. Grade: B +

Casey Abrams – At least Casey was all the way with her version of “Hi-De-Ho” complete with the team and everything. The producers talked about how this song needed a personality, well, Casey has a lot of it and showed it on stage. Was it the best song to showcase their vocal talents? Not at all, but it was a great song to show what kind of an artist Casey is and how you can sort the stage and interacting with bandmates. He did so with a vengeance. I do not think Casey is going nowhere anytime soon. Like James, who has that something that prevents it from being boring every week? AND J. I feel so intimidated to offer critical advice; she tells Casey that need to move the legs! Huh? Show evil J.Lo. American Idol is not DANCING WITH THE STARS. Grade: B +

Haley Reinhart – First of all, the duet he did with Casey was very good. It would not be surprised by the rumors that they are a couple, as they certainly seemed to enjoy playing with each other. And it would be nice to see the kind dorky looking chick get hot. That performance can only help out in the vote because it really was. His performance of the King of “Beautiful” totally reinforced that it must be maintained while some of the other guys really should have gone. I do not think it will reach the final, but is to give to all and showing that deserves to be in the Top 5. Grade: B so who is at the bottom this week? Well, I think Jacob, Haley and Scotty will be at the bottom of this week, but Haley does not deserve to be on the bottom. I think Jacob is going home this week.

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