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May 20, 2011 by Post Team 

American Idol 2011 ScottyAmerican Idol 2011 Scotty, In the introductory package Jimmy Iovine made his prediction for the final: there will be a man on it. Yes, if DialIdol is to be believed, Scotty pulled in twice the number of votes than any of Haley and Lauren last night, which is surprising as usual been killing the votes throughout the season (again, if DialIdol is to be believed). Therefore, it was basically a place open for a lady. But a more important issue: Jennifer Lopez wearing shorts terrible. Just terrible. Before reaching home visits, the Final 4 (well, obviously this was filmed before last week?) Was to see JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, and began to see a screener of “Super 8″. Or maybe they just have to see the trailer that has been for months? That’s all you showed us, but Abrams suggested that the contestants have seen things no one else has seen. I’m confused. And then gave them all Super 8 cameras so the film could hometown visits this week. That’s nice. Back in the study of Elle Fanning, who is in the film (and is the sister of Dakota, I think) was a kind of smile, like shortness weirdo cousin said her 6-year-old loves Scotty. Am I the only person who feels that the film is p**ping the most egregious form of this season? That was a solid five minutes devoted to “Super 8″.

The first home visit is Haley, who returned to the Chicago area. It rained on their parade in Wheeling, and people are spazzing out. Do people really act like that? It’s so ridiculous. She was very sweet and charming in the whole affair. She went to the track itself that Lee DeWyze done in the past year, I think, and then ripped a song from Chicago in front of 30,000 fans.

Following the announcement of Ford pleasant but forgettable, vocal group Il Volo Italian came out to sing … in Italian. What the hell was that? I mean, the guys had great voices – voices really great – but lord, what a bunch of stupid kids. And they were singing “O Sole Mio.” Everything was basically scientifically designed to sell millions of records to the American frauen. And I bet you will be successful. But if you need an example of the brutality of the United Nations-hop has become the show, look no further than the performance.

Here was the home of Scotty visit to North Carolina, and quite predictably invade it with the fans, especially the variety among girls screaming. Scotty is really lovely and seemed very humble during his visit to the house. He even broke into the car after leaving high school, and was a real full time a young man who is overcome with emotion. When he made his live performance began with the “Baby Door lock them,” the song and was surprised at the scene of Josh Turner, who I think sang the original song. The whole package was very endearing.

The former P**ycat Doll and upcoming “X-Factor” host Nicole Scherzinger went to perform her new single, “No law,” with 50 Cent. Swimsuit wearing this strange skeleton covered with fur or feathers or string – the whole thing was hit and did nothing for her figure. In fact, I like Nicole and I think is very talented, but for some reason your various attempts to start a solo career have failed miserably. She was actually singing in this performance, which I appreciated. 50 Cent came out with his rap without charisma. How that man has a career?

Laura’s trip home was to last, and returned to Georgia. She was crying on the plane before it landed. Laura had a great crowd, and returned to her school, which was clearly very emotional for her. Then he toured the destruction caused by tornadoes in late April, and only lost – where he played high school basketball was demolished. He met a boy who helped his family after the tornado, which was very manipulative on the part of the series, but Laura’s reaction to all that was sincere and moving. For their live performance was singing on CD backup – there was a band that can hire for the poor girl?

Results: 95 million votes – the largest at this point in any season – Scotty place in the final. Well, duh. The other member of the Final 2 was … Lauren. As I imagined. Therefore, it is officially our Battle of the Bumpkins. Two teenage boys country (less than F2 in the record shows) that are exceptionally talented singers in her genre, but not necessarily do something unexpected or exciting. And that is absolutely Haley brought to this contest over the past two months.

Haley was very nice and cool in the words of her farewell, and then sang the right song that first made me love – “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John. Whatever happens next week, Haley is the story of the season 10 for me. She came out of nowhere and made her way to the final 3, which gives us one of the most unique voices we have ever heard on this program, ever. Love with her, totally like to see in concert someday.

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