American Hoggers

October 20, 2011 by staff 

American HoggersAmerican Hoggers, U.S. Hoggers is an old man with a Santa Claus beard who speaks with a Texan accent thick, calling himself the “boss hog”, and wanders through the woods of rural areas of Texas with a one-eyed dog, in search of wild boars. If this sounds like the kind of person who wants to spend time, Hoggers United States is probably something you enjoy. Like most “real work” reality shows, sample taken in a day in the life of the people who perform odd jobs you never think or work in places you’ve always been curious about this, an up and low based on the characters at its center, and Jerry “Boss Hog” Campbell is a fascinating guy, if only to try toanlyze some of what you are saying. The people around are not as interesting, but that hardly matters when Jerry walks Gallo virgin jungle, his one-eyed dog, and waxing philosophical about the pigs.
Make no mistake: This show is not for everyone, especially people who have a weakness for his fellow warm-blooded mammals, no matter how ugly. Wild boars killed in the mean time of presentation, sometimes violent and bloody. This is A & E, shows nothing too horrible, but the show still goes into the fact that, while Campbell says his goal is to keep the pigs alive as long as possible, provided there is a death at the end of “as long as possible.” The show is a bit shy about what happens to the pigs that Jerry and their children are actually able to capture, instead of having to kill, but the large number of dead animals Teddy Campbell at the ranch does not suggest a positive (at least in terms of the pigs). There is also a bit of drama for dogs, for those who do not like seeing dogs in danger.
From a general point of view, there is a surprising amount of time delay in the program. Now, some of this stems from the fact that hunting usually involves a lot of standing and waiting, “That’s why they call it hunting,” says Campbell’s son, so it makes no sense, but There is often a feeling that the editorial team is uncertain just how much to show for what Campbell really, so err on the side of caution. Without going into the real nitty-gritty aspects of the hoarding, the series ends with the long dead spots, where we see people try to hogtie pigs and wait for something to happen. The show also affected whenever Jerry Campbell is not on the screen, as it is by far the most interesting person, and hear about your line of work is always a pleasure. The Campbells others are a little more reticent and the camera seems to be giving way to have a TV camera crew follow them around like they do their work. (Viewers will be forgiven for having hopes Krystal “Pistol” Campbell, the daughter of Jerry, what with that nickname, but most are around and talk about how it is expected that the knots are tight.)
But Jerry Campbell might be enough for viewers to tune in anyway. The patriarch is a fun guy to hang out if he is talking at length about how there are pigs that are in the area of ??Campbell have been hired to patrol, holding a little pig and laughing, or sitting on the edge of the tears about the possibility that he might lose his beloved dog forever. Many times, when the comedy or a comic character need to come from somewhere “rural” character that they spend all their time talking in metaphors puts corn and goofy sayings little to sound at once sage and a bit stupid. Assuming this is as presented and not just acting for the cameras, Jerry is actually like that, throwing out silly little aphorisms and old have an hour of running around in the brush. (Makes your children to do the dirty work while he stays in the truck and only helps when you absolutely need it. It is, in short, too old for this sht.) At one point, he talks about how many begat cck their best dogs, and then compares how many btches Gallo has been the amount of the Houston Texans could have had. In addition, his travels around the country back in Texas are picturesque and well shot, giving a real sense of rural America that still exists next to the other inhabitants of the cities.
Once again, Jerry and his program will not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for some really entertaining cheese, American Hoggers has enough good things to be a good time for those who do not mind a dog-on wild pig-violence.

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