American Bulldog

April 18, 2010 by Post Team 

American BulldogAmerican Bulldog:often confused with the traditional American Bulldogs with other modern breeds of dogs. Therefore, it becomes easy to generate shrouded in mystery. Many confuse this product with the English Bulldog or American Pit Bull Terrier. While U.S. stocks Bulldogs some features in common with each of these popular breeds, the American Bulldog retains its rich history very specific characteristics.

Bulldog is the oldest of life for the Old English Bulldog. This relationship explains why the race is too close to some of today’s modern breeds. Nace of hounds in the British Isles. TheAmerican Bulldog in the presence of a relatively long period. Never exist in reality the Middle Ages.

Bulldog is a breed of something strong and sincere. Weight typically between 50 and 70 pounds and continue to build, a little fat. There are two different types ofAmerican Bulldog: The type of Johnson and Scott. Johnson type is usually a bit burly Scott type. Both types are named for the breeder who put. Most white Americans, but the Bulldog breed does not come in a variety of colors like brown, fawn, black, dark gray yet. Generate usually brown eyes, but sometimes you can find sport blue or green eyes. Most Bulldog theAmerican and loose, thick jowls and bent the ears. Gill and loose often increase the likelihood of drooling.

These create strong bonds with his family. Despite the strong correlation usually becomes a positive attribute that could be used to some negative trends, such as aggression. Some American Bulldogs are devoted to their masters that protectionism that reflect more aggressive tendencies. Because of this, and socialization at an early date is an absolute requirement for this product. Completion of the best socializing when the dog is young. One day walking through a local park to benefit the species because it introduced the dog to other people, children and animals who are not familiar. In addition, many local pet stores and organizations to provide obedience training for dogs who need more help in the process of socialization. Like most breeds, American Bulldogs can develop same-sex aggression toward other dogs. Regardless of the strain, it is never safe to leave any dog unsupervised with children or a dog is not known.

In most cases, the American Bulldog has been used as a working farm dog. In the past, dedicated to constantly generate care for the animal population control and pesticides. Today, most people use theAmerican Bulldog as companion dogs.

In general, the American Bulldog is a breed of strong and beautiful with a rich heritage. If you are looking to have a member of this class, ensure that research with care and have a master plan for appropriate socialization. Like most breeds of dogs, American Bulldogs held a variety of uses, but the most popular and enjoyable as a companion to a loving family.

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