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America Got Talent ResultsAmerica Got Talent Results, Last week, after two weeks of shows pushing non-voice acting in the audience with full force, we have a show that was all about the singers. Landau singer Eugene Murphy Jr., and operatic diva shows Lys Agnes become incredible. The surprise of the show was Poplyfe teen band, which feeds through a great version of “Rolling in the Deep” to take a spot in the semifinals.

Election of judges was high diver Professor Splash, who set a world record, but you need to jazz up hereafter. (Note: it was amazing to see again fighting gravity on the program results … will go far, mark my words.)

This is the fourth and final quarterfinal round of the original share of 48 chosen by the judges during the week in Las Vegas. Once again, the way it works is this: the three best games that perform each week automatically continue. Judges must be presented with two events that ended at # 4 and # 5 in the vote, and decide individually which of the two must also pass to the semifinals, with most decision-making.

I do not know who peed in the coffee Howie today (Piers is the obvious choice), but I wonder what really led him to use his ring tonight, not once but twice, after three straight quarters of that X anyone at all. After that, Piers seemed to take as a challenge, and proceeded to keep X-ing acted. Needless to say, the night had a bad start. Fortunately, things improved in the second half.

Kinetic King – As you can tell from the picture, this guy is Bill Gates and Nerdie McLovin together (a bicycle helmet … really?), but his act is really good. When you consider that it takes hours, even days, to assemble its gadgets dominated (why he was given the lead-off place), all for one minute of show that makes you appreciate even more. Is this a Las Vegas show, though? Not sure, and now probably never know. It’s bigger; more elaborate building but could not be run on almost every possible way, causing ringing in both Howie and Piers. It’s a shame.

Zuma Zuma – All the way from Kenya comes this act of glasses that combines gymnastics, contortion and hip-hop in a very entertaining. They looked very cool, wearing face-paint and leopard print unitards, and actually improved his game by doing things more dangerous. They were tight, in tune, and were terribly entertaining. It will be an uphill climb, but I really found myself rooting for them to move on.

Avery and hearts Calico – This pretty-as-hell musical group, consisting of nine years, Avery (short), ten-year-old Kassidy (goggles one) and Brooklyn (the third…) are very good, but it always sounds to me like the Chipettes on Alvin’s second film. I cannot help but wonder if his little girl and naive enthusiasm will continue after they reach school age. His version of Stevie Wonder “I Wish” was very sweet, but if I’m honest, it was only two steps above a children’s talent-contest.

Charles Peachock – No limits on what can be done to juggle cool, but Carlos has found a way. At his hearing, which uses fresh glows in the dark effects, and in Las Vegas, added an element of fire. This time? He added a piano. Not with real keys, but with one key press piano-keyboard-spread over the keys is observed when rubber balls were recovered from them. He played a few bars of “Can-Can”, without losing the notes, and then went shirtless in the opening riff of “Jailhouse Rock”. In short it was a dangerous act cool, and became totally disappointing. Strangely, though, the springs (which he loved), was the only one that does not buzz.

Sam B – I hate stereotypes, but if someone were to describe Sam B act, which basically just “overweight foreigners broken dance moves,” which would have a hard time arguing. Look, he’s a great guy and a crowd favorite, but come on. He is more than 300 pounds, and seems to need an oxygen mask after a routine 92nd … How can entertain an audience for a full hour Vegas? That is approximately the same level of train crash Mauritius was entertaining as last week, but thankfully without the sh*t-eating grin. Piers, at a dose of reality, Sam jumped out of gear this week, giving the rumor that probably deserved.

Taylor Davis – If you are a handsome teenage boy with plenty of musical aptitude, which is probably better to try out for American Idol. Eighteen-year-old Taylor has a great voice and is a decent guitarist, but ultimately it’s not as good or as memorable as many of the acts singing others. His version of “Falling Slowly” was pleasant enough, but “nice” are not rewarded with record contracts.

Melissa Villasenor – If you are going to be a comedian in this program, you better be damn funny, and Melissa is just that. That place does imitations of various celebrities and singers, but more than that, her material is very funny too. Only one actor has ever Top Ten (Grandma Lee), so I’m pretty sure you will not win, but I’m sure that this exposure will do wonders for her career. Tonight, she did impersonations ranging from Michael Jackson Drew Barrymore Sharon herself, and found it a little flatter than before. I like it, though.

Scott Alexander – After Seth Grabel Landon Swank and both have the “close but no cigar” award the past two weeks; Scott was the world’s last hope of magic. He brought with him a gospel choir, who sang and danced until the very moment when Scott wiped them all, an interesting trick on a family. It was good, just as corny as church revivals are good, but I am disappointed that none of the Wizards this season was even close to Michael Grasso since last year.

Fatally Unique – I’m a big fan of the dance competition show, and I appreciate how hard it is to differentiate themselves from others. But when you compare apples to oranges, is much more difficult, than ever dance team to the Finals. No matter how athletic, well choreographed and well timed or current is … unless there is something new and exciting to offer (as a team or Boogie iLuminate Snap) is simply not enough. To his credit, F.U. was proud of becoming a fierce, implacable routine dressed in costumes straight from the tour Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation. However, given the number of dance acts have been through, and compared with what comes, which is only surpassed in this competition.

Yellow Team design trick – last season bike stunts Vanschoonhoven Jeremy phenomenon paved the way for this event, which consists of four guys doing aerial acrobatics on a bicycle in a variety of ramps and half-pipe apparatus (apparati?). After seeing the brothers Smaga do the same act a couple of weeks ago, I expected more of the same. But these guys surprised me, turning the stage into a circus, with dancers, and apart from a small leak in the end, his scenes were executed perfectly. I was ready to write, but I was very impressed.

Frank Miles – There are many acts of danger in this program, but none combines death-defying acts with ironic humor, as Frank does. In this act, Frank springs a set of stationary you shoot a single target would be another case of shooting, the fifth arrow coming directly at him. The final arrow would pierce a jelly donut placed on Frank’s head, but lost by just one inch. Springs are quick to point out that that did the trick of all a failure, but I think that’s a bit harsh. I like Frank, and I would be interested to see what he does next.

ILuminate team – if combined last season that great glow in the dark gravity acts against a team of hip-hop dance and modify it a bit decent, that the present law. THIS people is what I mean when I say that an act of dance has to have something more than just cool dance steps to the fore. They are simply one of the most amazing acts I’ve seen in TGA. I urge everyone to see on YouTube, and it would take five pages of mining my thesaurus for every word of praise available to do justice. If I had to pick a winner now, iLuminate team would (win by one body on the silhouettes). Check this YouTube group, dear readers, is spectacular.

Again, some disappointments, a lot of good deeds, and a very, very fan-damn-tastic action at the end. ILuminate team is a dead lock to keep going, and I had to get through Zuma Zuma and YDST. After that, it could be either: Avery and ‘cuteness overwhelming fierceness Fatally Unique, Sam B uncanny ability to whip the crowd into a frenzy or Miles Frank “Calico Hearts ability to laugh in the face of danger.

Obviously, iLuminate equipment is done through. Zuma Zuma, on the back of their excellent performance, also did it through. And the third act to pass, surprisingly, was Fatally unique, showing that there was more than enough love to send two acts through dance in the evening. As for the election of judges, it came down to Melissa Villasenor (who was funny but not hysterical) and Charles Peachock (which was good, but strayed too far from their chosen path.) Not surprisingly, Howie and Sharon, two of which buzzed Charles, cast their votes for Melissa. I have a strong suspicion, however, that Carlos is one of the four pillars “records to return in the episode of Wild Card.

Next week: Twelve actions drawn from thousands who auditioned on YouTube will get a national audience for the first time. (Remember, this is the part that gave us Jackie Evancho last year, so do not discount their chances.) This should be interesting.

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